Sunday, September 23, 2012

So Maybe I'm Back

I have to admit it: Some days I miss poker. It took a while. I think it may be like what they say about pregnancy: After enough years, you forget the pain.

I also miss messing around here. Again, it took a while.

I'm writing a lot, just not much that can go up on the blog.  But I've started goofing around on Letterboxd, and writing movie reviews is a quick and enjoyable way to rev up.  So I think I'll share those and cross-post to FilmChaw, and see what else happens.  I keep meaning to get back to those time-delayed Oscars pieces.  It'd be fun to do 2000-2002 and then maybe tackle the 80s.

Who knows?  Maybe something else will percolate to the top.

Weekly Dose of Crazy and/or Awesome? Not out of the question.

Here we go, maybe.

It will be super-fun if this turns into one of those "I'm back" blog posts that hangs out at the top of a dead blog until it's five years old.

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