Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spam of the Day

Subject: hello dear,please kindly reply back to me as soon as you get my message

Dear Friend,

I am delighted that you have been choosing to benefit from this issue at hand that we are about to discuss. First of all, allow me to take this opportunity to be introduced to you with this letter. My name is Nifah Bright, I manage the Chief Financial Office, Standard Chartered Bank. I found your contact email address in our recent mailing list for advertisement. I personally have an important issue to discuss with you which I wish I could say more at this time but wish to be permitted to continue with what this mail is about if you agree to receive the details of my correspondence.

I want to use this opportunity to conclude by reminding you that you have been choosing to benefit from this issue that we are about to discuss. Moreover this is not illegal neither am i reaching you in error.

Meanwhile, i will hold back the details until i hear from you because I'm very uncomfortable sending this message to you without knowing truly if you would misconstrue it relevance.

You may wish to contact me to inform me about your interest in receiving the details through a reply of this mail. I would be ready to forward to you any information necessary to enlighten you on the reason of this correspondence.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Nifah Bright.


Subject: RE: hello dear,please kindly reply back to me as soon as you get my message


In conclude. I am here to be excited about the thing I am going to tell you if you will let me tell you the thing. Will you let me finish now, please? I will soon be telling you the thing about this letter of which I write. You are enjoying my response now! I'm really hesitant to tell you what my response is, because you may misconstrue it in an email. Contact me I'll tell it to you. Am I giving you my contact information? No I am not!

My friend, here are some super-effective words to always use when you are trying to persuade a stranger that you are a legitimate manager of a bank:

*I am very uncomfortable.
*Hello, dear
*This is not illegal
*I will hold back the details
*I have candy in my van.

Good Morning!

Let me begin.

-Prickles P. Sicking (Mrs.)


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