Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Greatest Movie Character of 1990-1999: 02 - Matchups

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So, it's been a while since I brought up this whole 'greatest movie character' thing, hasn't it? My apologies; I won't get into the details, but suffice it to say that massive technology tilt is a major culprit.

That's all through now. I haven't talked with my fellow caballeros yet, but I think we can get going this week. Look for us Wednesday. For now, I'll put up the various matchups of Round 1 so you can get a preliminary idea of how you'd like to vote.

A couple final thoughts first.

1) Those Left Behind. I knew from the beginning that this experiment was built for controversy. Unsurprisingly, most of the comments have included something along the line of "HOW COULD YOU HAVE LEFT OUT BEST CHARACTER EVER????" Frankly, I'm surprised as well. The choices that were made were not all choices I would have made, and I'm betting at least a few of my picks had the others scratching their heads. How can it be otherwise? What makes a character "great" is completely subjective. Suffice it to say, 64 is a very small group when you're talking about literally all movie characters of a decade. My last picks were agonizing as I realized just how many incredible characters were going to be left out of the big dance. So, yeah, you're right. It is crazy that ___________ was left out. I guess there's always the NIT.

2) This One Is For the Ladies. We chose 60 male characters and only 4 female. I know. Look, I know. What can I tell you? I've been thinking about this discrepancy, and I think it comes down to a few factors. First, I think we're dealing with four guys; there's probably a bit of identity politics at play. Second, I think a huge amount of what makes a character great (more even than the acting) is the dialogue. Great lines mean great characters, and this experiment's first lesson for me is just how many of the great lines go to the fellas. Lastly, we're competitive types, all of us playing to win. I can't speak for the others here (and I think HDouble is probably a notable exception to the rule), but I didn't really pick my favorite characters in all cases so much as the characters that I thought would get votes. To be clear, I love all the characters I picked, but I might have picked other more obscure ones if I thought the majority of potential voters wouldn't have just said, "who?"

Anyway, it's not much, but as some sort of nod to the fact that the nineties also had a ton of great characters of both genders, I'm naming the 4 divisions of this bracket after four female characters that I really think ought to be represented.

OK, let's get this going. My hope is that we run round one in groups of 8, one a day.

Mia Wallace Division, Day 1

Mia Wallace Division, Day 2

Clarice Starling Division, Day 3

Clarice Starling Division, Day 4

Trinity Division, Day 5

Trinity Division, Day 6

Tracy Flick Division, Day 7

Tracy Flick Division, Day 8


Anonymous said...

Maybe it would be better to just narrow it to male characters in action/thriller/sci-fi flics, when you do the 70's, 80's and 00s version of this? Good stuff, regardless.

Drizztdj said...

Tyler Durden vs. Doc Holliday in the second round?