Friday, February 25, 2011

Take 5 - Week of 2/27

You know the rough part about writing a weekly goof post on the biggest stories in poker for Full Tilt Poker? It's this: when it's sort of a slow week in poker and you can't think of any stories better than Breaking News From Poker Grump: David Benyamine picks a booger the size of a ferret. Luckily, good ol' Al Can't Hang came to the rescue with some choice topic suggestions, and also found a few of my embarrassing typos to boot. That dude has been carrying my water for ages. I should give him a chance to play my silly prop bet game. Or, you know, maybe something better.

And now I'm gonna pass the mic to Yaut!


Yes, another week, another five serious poker items in this week’s news getting torn into silly little ribbons by the logic-shredder that is my brain. Anybody seeking a valid news source from my articles will be prosecuted. Anybody quoting them will be shot. Anybody trusting them is welcome to play me heads up.

5. Racener vs. Mizzi - So there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle starting over on the 2+2 forums regarding some alleged malfeasance. November Niner John Racener has accused BLUFF Magazine player of the year Sorel Mizzi of dealing off the bottom of the deck in Chinese poker. Later, Racener hit the boards to say that his accusation stands, but that he’s dealing with it and considers the matter closed. Now, obviously Racener is a Full Tilt pro, so you maybe be surprised to see this covered right here. Most online sites, they’d clamp down on this sort of thing, asking that there be no commentary made on their official blogs. But Tilt is a classy site, and forthright, and honest, and faces controversy head on, so I’m just going to come out and say the honest truth: I have no idea how to play Chinese poker.

4. WPT Celebrity Invitational 2011 – Though luminaries such as Lou “Diamond” Phillips, Don “Oscar Nominated” Cheadle, and the Fat “Rudy” Hobbit were in attendance, the star-studded final table included Dinara Khaziyeva, Damon Schramm, George Rechnitzer, Dan Heimiller, Davidi Kitai, and Almira Skripchenko. I don’t have a joke here.

3. Vinnie Vinh Wins the LAPC Event #29 – OK, this isn’t huge news except to say that we’re all very happy that Vinnie is still alive and able to finish tournaments without vanishing. One more disappearing act and I would figure him for Keyser Soze.

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