Saturday, February 12, 2011

Survive Donkey Island: Some Ground Rules

OK, as somebody who has watched about two and a half seasons of Survivor seven years ago, I feel that I am qualified to both mash it into some unholy mixture with poker and to give some silly advice about it.

1) Buddy Dank is in control. I set out the initial plan of purpose. Buddy will be making the adjustments and the final decisions both before and throughout the game, and he neither has sought out nor wants my opinion (which is only right, given that I am playing). He may switch things around on us. He may introduce a new rule or wrinkle to us. He may be able to secure prizes for various side-bet reward challenges. Like it or not, we are all in the Dank Position now. Oh, and speaking of potential rewards and wrinkles . . .

2) Non-contestants should play. I think it is entirely possible (given early talks I had last spring with Buddy when we first started hashing out the idea) that Buddy may find wrinkles that involve non-contestant particpation. I mean, he may not (again, I am not privy to these dealing now), but I'd recommend that you watch for it and listen to Buddy Dank Radio, even if you are not an official Donkey Island player.

3) Trust nobody. Everybody at some point or another is going to want you out of the game, except for you. So when you are making your little plans, remember: you might not be seeing the whole plan. Also, in a corollary to Mike McD's axiom "if you can't spot the fish in the first half hour, you are the fish", if you are going into the event wondering, "who's going to get the boot?", well . . .

4) Trust somebody. You can't play the whole time paranoid or you are going to out-think your own stupid self. Figure out where your interests intersect with the best interests of somebody else. There will be trust there, until there isn't.

5) Don't take votes personally. Every season I watched of Survivor ends the same way. The one smart person and the one useless tag-along sit by the fire while a bunch of self-righteous and angry people tell the smart person what a bad person they are for being smart. Look here: Everybody is trying to be the last person standing. That means that eventually they are going to have to vote you out while not telling you about it. Treat it like the poker tournament, where everybody is trying to bust you and nobody is going to tell you their hole cards until it is time to show.

If somebody votes you out, that doesn't make them a bad person.

6) If you vote me out, you are a bad person. I think this is self-explanatory, right?

Survive Donkey Island 001

Event 1
Full Tilt Poker
$1 + $1 Rebuy
February 13, 2011
9:30 PM EST
password: survive

Event 2
Full Tilt Poker
$10 + $1 NLHE
password: vegas1

See you at the tables on Sunday.

Be excellent to each other.

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