Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Point Oh

So what did I miss?

I've been underwater for a while. Let's leave it at this: About two months ago it became clear that it would be a very good thing professionally if I completed a massive and complex project in a (relatively) very short period of time. So I've spent the time between now and then with a handful of very talented people doing something that is (a) completely incredible; and (b) completely uninteresting to almost everybody.

Let's say I'm looking forward to writing something other than tariff code. Did you know that entirely one percent of the code is given over to Zinc? The umbrellas are jammed in with the riding crops like cattle in steerage, while zinc is sitting first class all by itself. It's discriminatory.


I'm back. Feel free to return me to your feeds if you like. Alert the media, and also alert the media bias.


Honestly, I am mulling over what the blog is going to become. I think I've mentioned before that I feel like I've pretty much said my peace on the topic of poker. I'm still playing, and I'm sure that the muse will strike from time to time, but in all truth if I'm going to keep this thing interesting, it's going to move in a lot of different directions. Not that anybody actually cares about this (at least I don't think so -- let's say I probably weeded out anybody looking for serious poker commentary a while ago), but it does leave me as writer with the question, 'what else?' I guess it seems to me that whatever-this-thing-is is on the cusp of an evolutionary leap.

Or, you know, maybe I'll just go dark for another few months. I'm a fickle goat.

What next?

I guess I'll start off with some unfinished business. I never did tell you what the worst thing I ever did was, did I? Guess it's about time.

And fiction, of course. Hopefully, there will always be fiction.

I think I am going to start a semi-regular political article, so if there's a topic you'd like to hear from me on, let me know. I do requests, as you all should well know by now.

I am pretty sure I'll have to start writing movie reviews again, before FilmChaw becomes a permanent fifedom of the Real Dawn Summers. Regular posting is nine tenths of possession.

And I'm looking forward to writing music stuff, before Pauly wonders who this "Goat" is he has on his contributors list over on Coventry.

And, if God and AlCantHang is willing, BBT6: The Sickening would be a great time to revive Donkavatar.

Doses of crazy and awesome for everybody!

I guess we'll see.

Be excellent to each other.


Katitude said...

"maybe I'll just go dark for another few months."

Please don't.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Party on Dude!!!

BamBam said...

I think I'll see where you take us first, then possibly come back here to this post to make suggestions.

Dawn Summers said...

All your movie blog are belong to us.