Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pauly Hits Poker From The Rail

As you've probably noticed, I've been true to my words and started phasing out poker until something fresh and original comes to me. It's happened to better than me. I mean, sweet fancy Moses, people, Iggy hasn't posted in about three years. Now I know what Paul Simon meant when he mourned, "where have you gone, Joe DiIggyo? The nation turns its lonely eyes to uber." Or something like that.

So I'm busy confessing to horrible things I have done, rather than making poker videos in which I interview King Ten offsuit. I guess the world will go on. At least I'm still blogging. It's probably just my perspective, but I feel like there's me and 12 other writers looking up and down the street of our nice Detroit neighborhood, wondering where all the people have gone. Blog foreclosures as far as the eye can see. They're all out in the suburbs of Facebook and Twitter. Someday, gentrification will hit and I'll be forced to move into Dane Cook's abandoned MySpace page, where I'll sleep with a painter's mask on to avoid the lethal levels of Axe body spray in the air. Until then, I write. I was late to the party, so I think I'd better be late to leave.

Oh, the humanity. You guys remember that one, right?

There's this one guy, however, whose font of inspiration in all things poker seems unlikely to dry up -- Dr. Pauly doesn't just write in Tao of Poker, but lets it spill over into at least three other blogs, a book (Lost Vegas, my review forthcoming) and now over to my occasional stomping grounds, Poker From the Rail. You should probably check out Paul's inaugural post up there, about the Durrrrrrrrrr Challenge. It's a pretty big deal, this Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr challengeification. The two opponents are going to play between 10 and 400,000 hands, and at the end if Tom Dwan is behind to challenger jungleman12, he has to give the victor like a billion dollars and three of the 'r's from his name (reports that jungleman12 will use them to become jrunglermarn12 are unsubstantiated as of this writing, as are rumors that jungleman12 is Mary Kate Olson).

You can see why I'm not given plumb poker journalism assignment. Pauly checks his sources, I make mine up. Welcome to the Rail, doc! Here's hoping it's not a one-off.


SteveBrogan said...

I just finished a post for tomorrow where I noticed the same lack of poker player blogs, including a few well named pros. Looks like we can make some noise and be heard! WOOT!

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