Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hi everybody.

Here's the problem:

You'll never believe it. I don't know a single member of the November Nine. I, for one, am relieved. You would not believe the level of animosity and contempt I faced from the Mainstream Elite of poker for my findings over the past two years.

Fact is, I think the Meet The November Nine series has run its course. It was fun, but it's been done.

So has Stupid/System.

So have the table profiles.

So has . . . well, poker. For me, at least. For now.

Folks, I think I might be out of crap to make fun of when it comes to this game of ours.

Don't get me wrong: I'm still interested in poker as a game. Poker is a constantly changing, constantly evolving system. There's no end to the permutations and angles and strategies and cunning reveals and new ways of looking at how to play this variant or that variant, how to counter this development or that one. The scene continues to be an interesting one to follow. But my perspective on the game was always that of the jester and absurdist, poking and pun-ing and generally just messing with the gravy, and that sort of deal really requires a new recipe each time. I'm out of herbs and spices.

Or, to put it another way, I've always just written whatever occurred to me to write. I'd ruminate and look down into the murky pool of inspiration, and, after a time, something would start to float up to the surface, gradually taking shape as it rose. I wouldn't know what exactly it was going to be . . . but I'd know the general outline, and I could tell when it was going to be a big multi-post sort of deal, or maybe just a one-off. As it surfaced, I'd finally see it for what it was, and then I'd write it up. What I'm saying is, right now, there aren't any shapes rising up. Not for a poker blog.

So, for me, now what? Strategy posts? No good. You've all seen me play, and my stats are only a Sharkscope or an Official Poker Ratings away; you'll just laugh me off the blogosphere. Insider poker news? I'm not an insider. Also, I'm in Michigan. Also, I'm lazy.

I've gotta say . . . it might be time to stop thinking of this as a poker blog, and just start thinking of it as a blog. It's either that or shut up shop, because I sure ain't getting the donuts made this summer on the topic of poker.

"But Goat, we NEVER thought of this as a poker blog!"

"Isn't this a LOST blog?"

Shaddap, you.

What, then, shall I blog?

LOST propped me up this year, but LOST is dead and buried, though still rewatchable (especially if you check out Maloney's Chronologically LOST project). Other TV shows? No. They don't seem to have the same level of complexity and ambiguity that rewards week-by-week blogging. Politics & religion? Well, maybe . . . but only if I think it can stay civil. Fat chance. Fiction? Mmmmmmaybe. Thing is, I'm writing fiction right now; it's just not for the blog, but rather it is for down the road, and hopefully well worth the wait. Movies? Well, I could cross-post from Filmchaw, should I ever start posting there. Music? Ditto the previous utterances, replace Filmchaw with Coventry blog.

So what, then? I'm not sure. I'm just sure that I'm not done with this space yet. I'm well aware that this is the sort of blog post that greets a 17 month silence, followed by one of those, "yeah, I guess this blog is dead" posts.

But I don't think so. Not yet. I'm looking into the pool, and I see some shapes down there. They just aren't stacked like poker chips.

Let's see what rises to the top.


Riggstad said...

Will Ferrel Movies or gay midgets... no offense

OhCaptain said...

This is a poker blog? Interesting...

Blogs are cool. I like blogs. Keep it up. I always thought this was just about a goat speaking. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

dare a suggest parenting? Came for the Lost theories.....