Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST 057: Predictions

Here are some bold predictions that will be proven wrong tonight.

* This will be the last episode of LOST. I've been saying this all along, and nobody will believe me.

* The dead are coming back. For six years, we've heard whispers of the dead. For six years, they seem to presage conflict and dramatic shifts in the island's power structure. They're coming back. The seeds of the Nemesis' defeat are contained therein. Maybe I just want to see Eko headbutt Locke one more time. The episode will conclude with all the ghosts gathering at the Peach Pit to eat ice cream and talk about their crazy summer.

* None of our remaining candidates will die, or else all of them will. No in-betweens.

* Desmond will be able to walk into the cave of light unaffected. The light will be revealed to be Kanye West's ego.

* We'll be arguing about this show for a long time. I'll miss it.

* The final shot will be a long tacking shot, pulling back from the island until the whole thing is visible, hinting at what/where/when it really is, and re-contextualizing the mythology once again.

* OR . . . the final shot will be Jack waking up in the bamboo right after the crash. The shot will linger as Jack gets up, inspects his pockets, and runs off to the beach. It will hold for just a few more seconds, and then . . .


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Riggstad said...

and then.... "don't stop believing" from Journey will be played as the credits roll