Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST 054: The Shape Of Things To Come

Widmore's in cahoots with the Nemesis.

See how this grabs you:

1) Long cons are a long-standing part of this show.

2) This show is very much like the Nemesis in that it presents you with very specific information, which, while true, is designed to lead you to certain false assumptions. Perhaps the assumption (for which there is certainly ample evidence) that Widmore is in opposition to the Nemesis is one of these.

3) It was suggested in Ben's conversation with Widmore (when Ben came to him one night and threatened to kill his daughter in revenge for Alex's murder) that Ben and Widmore are bound by certain rules involving not being able to kill each other. It seems reasonable to assume that, even if these rules are not identical to The Rules of the Nemesis and Jacob, that they are at least related to them in some way. So, Widmore may be bound by the same "do-not-kill" edict as the Nemesis.

4) It was Widmore who sent Locke to round up the Candidates. It was Widmore who sent a ship to create the threat that led to the island moving/time jump that gave the Nemesis his loophole. It was Widmore who insisted it had to be all of them. It was Widmore's ex-wife who reiterated this. It was Ben working for Widmore's ex-wife who turned John Locke into a corpse. We're sort of being allowed to forget all that. Certainly, they could have some other motivation, but . . . they certainly have achieved favorable results for old Smokey, haven't they?

5) Somebody rigged that plane with C4, and the Nemesis was clearly expecting it. The Nemesis also clearly wanted to kill them by blowing up the submarine and not the plane.

6) Widmore had people at the sub, but they were in no way defending the sub. They didn't attack until the Candidates were on the dock. In fact, you could almost say that the way they positioned themselves and the way that they acted served to drive the Candidates into the sub, since they clearly had nowhere else to go.

I have very little doubt that Widmore is working with the Nemesis based on this. The action at the sub in particular is very unusual.

Now, this is a bit more of a reach, but we may even be able to discern Widmore's motive.

7) The Nemesis has been known in the past to promise people their loved ones back in exchange for assistance.

8) Widmore and Eloise Hawking have a loved one that they want back.

9) Who is alive in the sideways world.

The only part of this that doesn't fit is Desmond, which is very Desmond-y of him. I'm guessing that Widmore brought Desmond as his final ace-in-the-hole to long-con the Nemesis after he gets what he wants from the deal.


HighOnPoker said...

I'd be willing to bet that Widmore is not on the side of the Nemesis. My read is that he was Jacob's leader of the Others, got banished by Ben who was unknowingly working for the Nemesis, then wanted nothing but to get back to the island and his role as leader, hence his violent crusade to get back. Now that he is back, he is trying to fulfill his role as Team Jacob guy and stop the Nemesis from escaping. He captured the candidates to protect them inside of the fences. He got them all to come back because he may be in cahoots with Hawkings, who knew that they had to go back due to destiny or the roles they were to play.

Julius_Goat said...

Those fences are for show. They are unanchored, free-standing on the sand, and can be easily knocked down by the smoke. The power source is unguarded. The cage holding the candidates is guarded by two scientists and the Elias Brothers' Big Boy.

I'm telling you, man.

If you are guarding the submarine, do you wait until the first party has already boarded before firing on the second party, leaving them nowhere to go BUT the sub?

Anonymous said...

Okay smart guy, then why wouldn't smokey just tell Widmore to shoot the candidates? Don't try to say it's against the rules, because that's exactly what he did with Ben and Jacob.

Julius_Goat said...

Well, smart guy, it has been explicitly stated that Widmore is subject to some form of "The Rules." In fact, it is Ben's nighttime visit/conversation with Widmore in the episode "The Shape of Things To Come" that first introduced the concept of The Rules.

Now we don't know what those rules are, specifically. But Widmore is subject to something along the same lines.

That's why.