Sunday, May 2, 2010

BBT 5 003: Call Me Butter, I'm On A (Free)Roll - Liveblogging

Yep, I've decided to look for yet another way to distract me and make me into even deader money than usual. Let's see how this works out for me.

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7:56 -- Here's an idea: Avoid shoving into flopped quads. veryjosie busts me when I come over the top on smboatdrinks (probable) c-bet with 88 on a T33 flop. veryjosie has 33 and makes the very risky call holding the ultimate nuts. I'm out. This was fun. Maybe next time, huh? After all, there are still 3 freerolls left.

7:44 -- jjok calls all in three ways vs. veryjosie's QQ and columbo's AK. He's holding 56 spades. The board gives him enough to beat bigstack columbo, but veryjosie is the main pot winner. JJOK, JJOK, JJOK, what are we gonna do wit' ya, laddieboy? Meanwhile, I don't think I've won a hand yet. Small knife.

7:34 -- Jordan has a set but sk1126 has a better set, which needlessly becomes quads to knock him out. Also, I have AA in the big blind but get a walk, which is like being stabbed by a really small knife.

7:28 -- Maigrey foolishly plays pocket Kings. DaveMcCarthy calls with nines, and a nine in the flop is good. Maigrey is out, gg gg gg. I am moved to a table with JJOK, veryjosie, SmBoatDrinks, HighOnPoker, cmitch, desertblade, sk1126, and columbo. So basically I am doomed.

7:24 -- How is it possible that we've already dropped 13 players less than a half-hour in? Must be a lot of loose play, but not at this table. We're Tighty McTightersons here, though I have managed to skillfully call/fold off 500 chips.

7:17 -- wendyholic joins the table.

7:10 -- OK, cards are in the air. At my table is Maigrey, Mean Gene, Poker From The Rail scribe Dave McCarthy, radio personality Buddy Dank, Scurvy Dog, Mahgentia, and NightRanger (AKA STB). Mahgentia is the only unfamiliar face to me, clue me in to who he is if you know.

First prediction of the night: I will either go out early, late, or somewhere in the middle.

2:30 - Just a rundown of the vital stats for this even. Looks like we're at 114 runners tonight, with three Full Tilt red pros joining us for the action. Remember, first two places get into the Tournament of Champions to play for glory and three main event seats. More info right here.

A third of the seats are already filled:

Seat 1. JJOK.
Seat 2. Maigrey.
Seat 3. VinNay.
Seat 4. xkm1245.
Seat 5. dignitasODEE.
Seat 6. All In At 420.
Seat 7. hoyazo.
Seat 8. KeepFloppin.

That leaves only 16 more bloggers to eat some of the remaining cabbage. Bring your A-Game to this gunfight, or, if you possess no A-Game, do a live blog.

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