Thursday, April 15, 2010

LOST 050: Your Head A Splode

This isn't going to be a long post. I got behind the proverbial 8-ball this week, so in lieu of a real post, here's a few thoughts.


* For what it is worth, I liked this episode. That said, the "episodes" have really stopped feeling like episodes. This is just an hour in a (much much) longer movie, much moreso than a self-contained story. Honestly, now that I know that the Sideways World actually has some meaning in the real story, I'm fine. This won't end with that particular horrifying copout, so I'll just sit back and enjoy the remaining (gulp) five hours of story. Having said that, it now seems to me that they invested a bit more time in Sideways Land than might have been necessary. So it goes.

* I was in the middle of quibbling about how the dynamite, which in Season 1 was so unstable that a stray gesture made meaty Artzchunks, but now was apparently just fine to just sling this way and that and throw water bottles on top of thBOOOOOOOOOM. Sweet. See ya, Ilanya. We never knew ya, and never really wanted to. Sorry.

* I am wondering at the difference between Desmond's Jacobian "little push" to get Hurley where he needs to go, versus his mainly Nemesisinian vehicular manslaughter of Locke. Was Des trying to give Locke a near death experience to snap him out of it? Was his thinking more along the lines of "death, near death, whatever, it's all good, you just pushed me down a well so taste hood ornament, wheelie"? How does Des decide whom to just talk to cryptically, and whom to injure? Is Desmond sending Locke's spirit back through Sideways World to contend with the Nemesis?

* The Nemesis pushed Desmond down a well. I doubted it killed him at the time and the "next time" pretty much confirmed it. Of much greater interest to me, though, was the Nemesis' explanation of the well (that being, people had dug it not for water, but to figure out what was there that made their compasses go kattywampus). Given that we had a well over the Orchid dig, I'm guessing that this well signifies a third area of electromagnetic significance. New wild-ass theory: These pockets of energy are the tethers that in some way connect the island to reality (or realities).

* You know, they play Hugo for laughs so much, I keep forgetting that Jorge Garcia can really play those basso profundo notes of pathos pretty effectively.

* I believe the Nemesis when he says that what Widmore is after is power.

* I really didn't get the sigificance of Jack's "I just peed myself" face when he came out of the jungle and saw Locke. I guess he may have been surprised since it's the first time he's seen "Locke" alive again . . . but he's heard about it. So what the what, doctor boy?

* Jack has really been hollowed out, it seems, willing to be a leaf on the breeze, man. He was here once before, during That Seventies Show, but as soon as an opportunity arose to blow something up, he jumped at it. Not so this time.

* Sayid scenes bum me out these days. At first I was just reacting to the fact that the character sort of sucks now, but I am starting to get the idea that that's the point. In other words, we know and love Sayid, and that ain't Sayid. What Dogan said about what would happen has in fact happened. Sayid is walking around, but we mourn the loss of him. I hope we can get him back.

* Hurley just blew up the Black Rock. He's wearing the Locke crazypants for an episode before giving them back, slightly stretched, to Jack.

* Sun's scribbled note: "Are you KIDDING ME???? Now I don't even get spoken LINES?? I want to call my agent."

* Michael's explanation of what the whispers are is . .. well, pretty much what you might have expected. I would guess that we've all been generally theorizing something along these lines. What I want to know now is what the significance of that is as relates to the island. Is it more than just routine haunting? Is it only those who have done bad things? Does Jacob's presence as a ghost indicate that he's done something that keeps him from moving on? Who else is there? What about the off-island ghosts Hurley's seen? Are they of the same kind?

When Hurley asked Michael where Locke was, I was hoping he was asking for the spirit of real Locke, as opposed to the location of the Nemesis. Oh well.

We'll see. Or, you know, we won't. Maybe they are all in a room in the chocolate factory.

There's no earthly way of knooowing . . . which direction we are goooing . . .



Mike Maloney said...

Wonka is an anagram for 'a know'. Just sayin'.

Julius_Goat said...

Also for "AK Won", which we all know is a lie. It's a message from the Nemesis!!!

John said...

also an anagram for A Kwon.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Let's not forget "Now Ka" -- clearly yet another reference to the Dark Tower series.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this episode was at the end when sideways Linus was attempting to bust Desmond as a potential pedophile . . .for a few seconds I was worried that sideways Linus was going to ruin Desmond's master plan, but then BAM! Desmond just effortlessly deflects him . . . watch the scene again, the turnaround time between Linus inquiring what his son's name is and Desmond smoothly answering "Charlie" is mint . . . notice that Desmond had the same smirking attitude toward evil Locke in the regular can't stop Desmond, you can't even hope to contain him, he's the man with the master plan, he knows all.

Wes said...

"When Hurley asked Michael where Locke was, I was hoping he was asking for the spirit of real Locke, as opposed to the location of the Nemesis. Oh well."

Me too. Of course, that might require another season or two if that questions was broached.

Dawn Summers said...

Also for "AK Won", which we all know is a lie. It's a message from the Nemesis!!!

Oh Julius Goat, how are you such a genius?