Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CrossPosting: De La Soul Is Dead

[You may or may not know it, but I write for Pauly's music blog Coventry from time to time. I just picked up a series I'd left dormant for a while, and so wanted to mention it in this space. It's called the Great Albums. Here's an excerpt from the Plug Tunin' episode.]

This is the seminal hip-hop act De La Soul.

That would be Mase (the DJ), and rappers Trugoy (that would be the word "yogurt", backward), and Postdonus.

And this is their first album, which arguably invented about 40% of all modern rap and hip-hop.

It's called 3 Feet High . . . And Rising, and you've probably heard of it, even if you didn't wear out the tape back in the early nineties. If you haven't listened to it, you really need to. Every act that takes a garage-sale approach to musicianship, spinning old beats and hooks into new gold, owes a debt to this Rosetta stone of music bouillabaisse. So, basically any rap that uses samples? Well, yes, but specifically music acts that combine disparate elements to create surprising new musical ideas . . .

Read it all over at Coventry blog.

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Anonymous said...

WTB a lost post to counter Hoy's donk lost hate posts. Amazing how folks always hate what they don't understand.