Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST 048: Sun, Thing Wicked This Way Comes

Could it possibly be? The final "moving the pieces" LOST episode ever? Probably not, but they've still got a lot of explaining to do. There are eight hours left. Doesn't seem like a lot, but then again, that's basically the entire running time of the Lord Of The Rings movies, and I've never heard anybody complain that those were just not long enough.

We'll get there. This show can give you an answers explosion in 3 minutes.

Oh man. There are only eight more hours left.


Hanging questions:

What was the purple sky event?

Who are the different factions of the Jacobians?

What does the Nemesis mean by "wanting to go home"?

What is the process of a successful candidate? An unsuccessful candidate?

What did the bomb do?

What is The Infection?

What is this Sideways World?

Tall Ghost Walt?

Short, once very-important Walt?


Adam and Eve?

The whispers? The ghosts?

Why can't women give birth?

What is the magic box that Ben told Locke about?

What was the Dharma Initiative? Who was behind it?

Why did Sayid come back to life?

What happens if the Nemesis gets off the island?

What is the Nemesis?

What is Jacob?

Glowing Creepy Island Kid?

Where is the island? WHAT is the island?

What are The Rules?

What are the Rules?


There are some good signs that we are getting to a number of these answers; most promising of which are the appearance of Charles Widmore (who can explain a whole lot of things along the lines of the Jacobian factions, Dharma, and seems to have a working understanding of The Rules) with son-in-law Desmond (who was, of course, present at ground zero of the Purple Sky Event and definitely appears to be communing Sideways-like) in tow. Nevertheless, there's a lot of ground to cover.

My suspicion is that, for better or for worse, LOST will remain LOST, which means that it will remain firmly rooted in its characters, delivering an ending that gives us emotional payoffs for all these people, but leaving the unifying theories tantalizingly open. I may have TV Stockholm syndrome, but I'm almost hoping for it; it'll allow us to go on debating LOST for years to coming.

Can you imagine LOST with a nice neat pat ending? It seems unlikely.

On to the episode.

* Extreme double triple MC Hammer gas face to ABC for putting a never-removed advertisement for their new sci fi show in the corner of their screen in the exact place that Sun's notepad was. Way to obscure dialogue, ABC. This is why I will probably not ever watch network TV anymore after LOST wraps. DVD and streaming, baby.

* Widmore's crew has abducted Jin! Sort of! That is to say, they shot him and all the other Smokesters in the neck with tranqs, then burst into camp, and took him. They killed nobody. Either Widmore is wearing the white hat, or our friends really are not killable within The Rules. The fact that Widmore is also trying to stop the Nemesis augurs well for him. Less good is that time he sent Keamy and company to kill everybody. We all make mistakes.

* Apparently, Widmore needs Jin to help him mumble mumble something something pockets of energy. I am all for bringing the science back, if only for balance. Also, a final investigation of the Swan and Orchid pockets could give us some much-needed exposition on the Purple Sky Event, the Incident, What The Bomb Did, and perhaps even What/Where The Island Is. Now, why did they want to wait before capturing Jin?

* A few more of the rules constraining the Nemesis are now made clear. First, he can't Smokemonster over to the island, which suggests that his Smoke form is bound in some way to certain geographic parts of the island. I'm guessing he makes himself vulnerable when he goes over. His concern for Jin seemed real, didn't it? You almost get to thinking he might be the good guy . . . and then he offers to feed Kate to Claire once Ms. Austin is no longer of use to him.

Speaking of using people, it also appears to be the case that the Nemesis can't get off the island unless ALL the candidates are with him. I'd say this tells us why he doesn't kill them, and brings us back to the whole directive that ALL the Oceanic Six need to return. They are the Nemesis' boarding pass. So what does that say about the people who issued that command, and their potential alignment? Locke got the directive straight from the Nemesis-as-Christian's mouth, but it was repeated by Widmore, and Hawking, and Ben, and (I think) Abbadan. And then Jacob recruited Ilanya to make sure that one of them returned. Wheels within wheels. Jacob's plan sometimes meshes so well with the Nemesis', it's hard not to think the Nemesis is being played even now.

* Yeah this is getting crazy. Is Ilanya there to protect the candidates? Because neither Widmore nor the Nemesis seems to want them dead . . . at least not yet. Meanwhile, it seems like a dead Candidate would be just the thing to put gum in the Nemesis' britches. So if it comes down to it, does Ilanya start a-killin'?

* Richard now wants to destroy the plane to prevent the Nemesis' escape (let's just pretend for fun that this is a plane that could actually take off, that it has nearly enough runway, and that Frank would actually fly it for the bad guy.) Remember back in the old days, when Locke was preventing anybody from leaving the island, blowing up subs and so forth? That takes on a whole different meaning now, right? Seems to me that the moments when Locke seemed at his craziest was probably the time when Locke was serving Jacob best.

* Meanwhile, Sun is having none of Richard's guff. She's all "I'll cut you, eyeliner boy", but in Korean because she got hit on the head and Soap Opera. Or, maybe, just maybe, she moved a little bit Sideways, accessing a version of Sun who never spoke English. Naaaah, it's just silliness.

Anyway, it's a good reminder that this whole Nemesis/Jacob thing means nothing to a lot of our heroes, at all. Sun is a mother who left her child behind to find her husband long thought dead. She wants her family restored, period. It's nice to see these characters behaving for the most part the way they would.

* What an amazing moment for Jin, seeing his daughter for the first time. Daniel Dae Kim just nailed it. I'll admit it got a little dusty in the room. I tell you, the acting on this show is under-rated. So many of the actors bring it strong every week. And then there's Kate.

* OK, only one bullet for Sideways World until I figure out why we are even seeing it. Sun's boobs. Um . . . what was I saying? Oh. Right. Cool to see Mikhail again.

* Based on Widmore's comments, I am guessing that I'm correct in my assumption that the Nemesis' successful escape will in some way unravel reality itself. What I wrote before Season 6 started still stands as my understanding of LOST's most elemental conflict:

Jacob can leave the island. He can touch people. He can restore them to life. He can keep them from aging. He can heal them. He can also choose not to heal them. He can allow them to become sick. He can allow them to suffer. He can influence people. He does this through revelation.

He can appear as a man, though he rarely does. He can also appear as an animal, like a horse, or bird. Or a Labrador retriever. It is possible that he can appear in the guise of those who are dead.

Jacob wants to use the island’s unique repeating time loop to perfect the timeline. He does this by making modifications. By bringing people to the island, by influencing them, by leaving them to do what they will. To make different, hopefully better, decisions. He revels in the slow evolution toward perfection. He accepts pain and death as the price paid for this progress.

Yes, he accepts death. Even his own.

The Nemesis is unable to leave the island. He is unable to harm Jacob physically. He can touch others, and, occasionally, chooses to (or is allowed to) harm them. He is very clever. He, too, can influence people. He does so through lies.

He can appear as a man, though he rarely does. He can appear as the dead. He can also appear as smoke.

The Nemeis is maddened by this constant repetition. He tires of the flounderings and failure of these limited creatures, humans. He wants to bring a stasis to the timeline. The only way he can accomplish this is to end Jacob’s experimentation. The only way to end Jacob's experimentation is to end Jacob. If Jacob stops changing things, then every event throughout every iteration of the loop will be exactly the same every time. Which will mean that one will be indistinguishable from the next. Which means it will all finally only happen once. The timeline will only begin once. The timeline will only end once.

Currently, the timeline ends with the destruction of space and time.

The Nemesis craves the kindly slumber of entropy.

* So here is my latest theory on the Nemesis, based on the paradigm-shifting revelation that Jacob's interest in gradual progression and free-will progress extends not exclusively to the humans he brings, but to the Nemesis himself. He wants the Nemesis to get better. He won't let the Nemesis leave until he gets better.

And the Nemesis wants to kill himself.

And he can't do it.

Because the island won't let him die.



STeelerJosh said...

Goat -

I am pretty sure that was a booby double for Sun. Her face was never in the money shot. I am amazed that I was able to pay that close of attention with that infuriating Red V and incessant countdown clock at the bottom righ hand. I am getting worked up just typing about it. I was cursing a blue streak at ABC and will disparage V and them any chance I get now. Go Eff Yourself V.

As usual (outside of Sun's enhanced close up) I agree with you! Thanks for the write up.


Mary said...

If Sun had only written in smaller letters you may have been able to read it above the V promo. Why was she writing so large? Is there tons of paper on the island so that she could use a whole sheet to write just the word Yes?

Anyway, I'm with you, all those show promos are indeed very annoying.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

1. What Sun wrote on the notebook that time you couldn't see it was "Please Watch V, starting in 11 minutes and 27 seconds right here on ABC."

2. I do think in a previous week we were told (by somebody, I forget who) that Flocke can only get off the island by killing all of the remaining candidates. I am not at all convinced that he is trying to escape with all of them. In fact I'm not sure who we're even supposed to believe anymore.

Bayne_S said...

V was awesome.

When can we expect to see write ups?

Anonymous said...

Aren't Sun and Jin married "in the present" on the plane? I was confused why their relationship (ie using separate hotel rooms) was suddenly a secret from her father.