Friday, February 26, 2010

LOST 043: Jack Hate Mirror! Jack Smash!

Hi. You won't believe this, but I have a few thoughts on this week's episode of LOST. I also lied to a samurai, but I'm a Candidate and can do whatever I want, dude.


* OK, first of all, the big reveals. No, not that Jack has a son. I don't consider anything we find out on Sideways World to be a "reveal" until we understand why we are seeing it in the first place. I'm talking about the big picture stuff that we can logically infer:

(1) Jacob's still definitely got a plan, and his death may even be a part of it.

(2) He definitely manipulates them, but it's clearly being framed as a benevolent sort of thing, tied as it is to our Sideways Jack's awakening as a non-controlling father, who must give his son the room he needs to become himself and reach his potential. Did you see the paternal vibe Jacob was bringing?

(3) Among Jacob's children, Jack has great potential and one of the more important jobs to do for Jacob. Did you notice his compass name was larger than most? He's also rocking big number 23 on the dial.

Do you think it will be interesting to go back and find iterations of the numbers in the show, now that we have specific characters to tie to specific numbers? That'd be cool if it were so.

4) Jacob has a lighthouse with a compass dial. The dial has on it a list of names and numbers that parallels (as far as Lostapedia can figure) the names and the cross-offs, and their attendant numbers on the cave. This leads us to a couple main interpretations. Either the lighthouse is Jacob's and the cave belongs to his Nemesis, and they are BOTH calling Candidates (which the "infection" would suggest), or Jacob carves the name in one place and then schleps all the way across the island to carve it in the other place, in which case Jacob? DATABASE that junk. Single data source, bro.

5) The numbers now take on a bit more specific significance, as they refer to the compass heading by which Jacob "calls" his candidates. And the Nemesis hasn't smashed that mirror to littlebits, why? Wasn't it the Jackian bearing 23 by which Michael was allowed to leave the island? Is this perhaps the dimension of Jack Candidacy?

6) Somebody is coming to the island. Somebody who has 108 on Jacob's Magic Dial. Who? Mysterious. We don't know. But almost certainly Desmond.

* Kate was on the compass, un-crossed off. Her number was somewhere in the 50s. Just sayin'.

* Hey Jack, hey Hurley! You just left Sayid essentially alone in a temple full of people who want to poison him until he's dead again! Nice work. Though it would be funny if they poisoned him, he died, and then he just came back again. Dead or alive, Miles will have somebody to talk to.

* Come here, Claire wants to axe you something. Yeah, Claire's crazy. Not just regular-crazy. Brittney crazy. Crazier than Rousseau? Well, probably. Rousseau didn't have a "friend" . . . that we know of. But YIKES! Skeleton doll baby!! Desmond? Charlie's on the line. He'd like to chat with you about this "guaranteed" helicopter that Claire would get on if he died. Were you looking at parallel realities when you saw that? Oh. Actually, you probably were. Um.

* I still have no clue about the parallel realities, but Jack's appendectomy scar and his confusion over it (along with his confusion over his neck-nick) and all characters seeming moments of deja-vu as they contemplate other Islanders, is bringing me inevitably to the idea that this reality is not a parallel as I may have thought. Of course, Einstein theorized that even parallel lines do eventually meet, so suck it, math club. I still have no clue in what way they will be revealed to be related, though. I will scream "bull-pucky!" in the streets if it turns out that this is the endpoint of the show, which will almost certainly get me arrested. Neck nick neck nick neck nick.

* I will say that with the exception of Kate, all these people seem to be better-off emotionally than their island selves, if only slightly. Jack's still divorced, and he's still got daddy issues, and he's still spent his life as an over-controlling wad of jerk, but he's mellowing a little. Locke's got his girl, a relationship with a non-murderous dad, and is starting to make peace with his limitations. Don't know what that means precisely, but it's worth noting. Hurley is downright happy-go-lucky. Hell, Kate may not even be guilty this time out.

Oh yeah. Charlie. Well, maybe getting arrested will be the best thing that ever happened to him.

* So. Dogan is in sideways world, is he? Huh. Make sense of it, show. Make sense of it.

* Notice that we're getting Season 6 shows that parallel Season 1 shows? "What Kate Did" to "Tabula Rasa"; "The Substitute" to "Walkabout", and now "The Lighthouse" to "White Rabbit." This isn't accidental, either, as Jack is found reminiscing to Hurley about the events of that episode. I'm guessing that will make next episode a Sun/Jin episode, paralleling "House of the Rising Sun."

So. Not just parallel realities. Parallel seasons.

More news at eleven.

* I'm loving how important Hurley has become in the Nemesis World Order. Think of how screwed Jacob would be if Hurley had died at some point. He'd have to wait for Miles to come near his remains, or else he'd have had to have found Whoopi Goldberg. Doesn't it seem like Jacob has specific roles in mind for each of his Candidates? Hurley doesn't strike me as a potential replacement Jacob in the same way that Jack or Locke do.

* We now know that Dogan is outranked by Candidates, but doesn't want the Candidates to know it. He's clearly un-nerved by the Candidates among him. Why? He seems to pretty obviously be a Jacobian. Doesn't he want to help Jacob do his Jacob thing? What's the difference between a Jacobian and a Candidate? Are they the descendants of previously failed Candidates? Why won't Dogan explain things to the Candidates? WHY AREN'T THE CANDIDATES ASKING HIM MORE QUESTIONS????

Dogan: "Sayid's infected. He'll turn evil."
Jack: "How do you know."
Dogan: "Because it happened to your sister."
Jack: "I have absolutely no follow up questions. Now excuse me, I have to go find the key to my entire life's destiny and smash it, because I am an incredible idiot."

* The fact that there is an enormous friggin' lighthouse on the island that nobody has seen. They address it, but honestly? I think we need a more mystical reason than simply "I guess we weren't looking for it." I am not necessarily "looking" for the tallest building when I'm someplace, either, but I usually see it. They don't usually sneak up on you, right? So basically to quell my annoyance I am going to assume that this is the sort of place you only see if Jacob wills it, or something. Maybe Jack and Hurley only had Adobe Island Reader and, while in the temple, took advantage of a 50% off deal from Dogan and upgraded to Adobe Island Pro. Now they can also embed the whispers as an audio track, and fix all the dithering on their jpegs. Sweet.

I guess we are going to get a new location every episode.

Episode 6: Bus stop.
Episode 7: Starbucks
Episode 8: Exact replica of the Louvre.
Episode 9: Dharma skate park with half-pipe.
Episode 10: Not Yet Declared

* Not only did we get Jack recalling "White Rabbit" and being led by Ghost Christian, but we got the return of our two skeletal friends, Adam and Eve! Holy Season 1 callbacks! I'm so geeked I don't care that Hurley gave voice to my pet theory that Adam and Eve were time-traveling versions of already established characters, thus totally killing the theory. Adam and Eve are back, yo. We're very close to the moment when I just start to spew Biblical parallels. Not this week, sir. But soon.

* Remember back in Seasons 1 and 2, when we hadn't seen any "present day" action taking place off the island, and how that made it possible that the island was anywhere and anywhen? It wasn't until Desmond blew the hatch and Penny got a call from one of the Widmore monitoring stations that we could place the island in somewhat synchronous time/space.

Well, we're there again, aren't we? In Sideways World, the island is submerged. Not sunk, remember, submerged. But you know what? That doesn't mean that Main World's island hasn't been blown into . . . Sideways World.

Does it?



Mike Maloney said...

-I have a feeling that Sun & Jin are not happier in Sideways World.

-No one had seen the Temple until last season, and that's a pretty substantial structure as well, wouldn't you say? I didn't feel like the reveal of the Lighthouse was that big of a deal.

-Dogen is in the Sideways World because, as he said, he was brought to the island just like everyone else. If there's no island to bring him, then he goes about his normal life as everyone else has.

-I had some other smart ass comment to make, but I forgot what it was once I started reading about the Dharma Skate Park.

Andrew said...
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Julius_Goat said...

@Maloney -

- Yes.

- Except that the temple is ensconced deep within Jacobian territory and well-guarded, and the lighthouse is on the coast, which Sayid and company sailed around. It's just weird.

- Yes, but why is he there? Without the island, what (besides writers being cute) is bringing all these people into one another's inexorable orbits?

- It's bitchin'.

timpramas said...

Sun is heading back to the temple with Ben, Ilana and Frank. Jin is heading back to the temple with Fake Locke and Crazy Claire. I am looking forward to that gathering for many reasons. Sun has Charlie's Drive Shaft ring Charlie left in Aaron's crib. My guess is that ring might prove important in preventing Claire from trying to kill Sun or Jin.

Nick said...
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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Face it man, this shit is biblical. You don't want to face it but it's still there, hanging out along the corners of your vision, not going away and in fact growing ever so slightly larger with each episode this season.

Now start writing about it or I shall have to smite thee. You don't want to have been silent all this time when Jacob finally refers to Flocke as "Esau" for the first time. Do you?

Julius_Goat said...

I think the browsing my LOST archives will show that since Season 3 I have been saying that I think that the island is the Garden of Eden, and exactly why.

In fact, let's just search "Eden" on my archives, shall we?

"...but let's keep in mind that the Nemesis has an agenda, and also definitely is the Serpent from the Garden of Eden (whoops, pet theory got off the leash again) . . ."

- Me, Last Week

". . .but the Biblical, Miltonic, and Edenic hints have become so strong that it's hard not to imagine that this is the fallen Morningstar, trapped in his prison and hoping to claw back to heaven . . "

-Me, 2 Weeks Ago

"This island is analogous to, or perhaps in fact is, the Garden of Eden."

Me, May 2009

"Oh, and incidentally? I have been saying for a good long time that I think that the island is in fact the Biblical Garden of Eden, hence the healing powers, the "angel" smokemonster that is there to guard it, the fact that it is so difficult for people to find, the fact that everybody who has been there has a yearning to return. Not only that, but I think we have foreshadowing of this, given the sheer amount of Biblical references to which we've been privy. I've been saying this for about two years now. Nothing I've seen has done anything but strengthen that idea. So, I'll say it again. Oceanic 815 crash landed on the Garden of Eden."

- Me, January 2009

"Also, I still think that the island is the Garden of Eden, guarded by an angel of smoke and holding the fruit of eternal life. We'll see how that one pans out."

- Me, March 2008

"By the way, I'm calling it right now. Oceanic flight 815 crashed on the long-missing Garden of Eden. The actual physical location. A place where unexplained healing happens. Where the curse of childbirth is strongest. Where an angel patrols and guards (think smoke monster). Where an ancient and evil liar lurks. Dharma tried to study it for the betterment of mankind, and they were purged. Now the castaways are there, for reasons that remain murky . . . I'll try to unpack this theory in another post. This one's long enough as is."

- Me, May 2007

Good to finally have you on board, though.

Mary said...

Not that it has anything to do with the Lost mythology but did you notice that the episode aired on the 23rd?

Anonymous said...

I'll just lob this out for inclusion (somewhere) in the biblical allegory idea. . . the sideways realty in season 6 reminds me an awful lot of the film Last Temptation of Christ, wherein we see Jesus living out an alternate reality where he gave in to the temptation of living a normal human life instead of being the savior . . . seems like Jack spearheaded a similar rejection-of-destiny at the end of season 5, hmmm?