Thursday, December 17, 2009

Uberpost 002: Mini Uber is Still An Uber If I Say It Is

That's right, I'm going to keep up Iggy's shtick until he takes it back from me. The presumption is staggering. Like a twelve-year old trying to wear Michael Jordan's jersey. Julius_Goat: Shaming little people since 2009. Holla.

Trip reports from WPBT abound, so bound over to them if you ain't already:

Recess Rampage

Others, I have no doubt. Link 'em up in the comments.

This weekend I stayed up watching Mini FTOPS events for Poker at the Rail blog so that Al Can't Hang could go out and create a man-made SoCo shortage. See here and here for some of the hijinx I observed.

Al's favorite quote:
The Full tilt pros got mowed down in Event #7 like extras in Saving Private Ryan and thus there was nothing to report on their actions in that event.

My favorite quote:
BOM had top pair, top kicker and not much else, so after a couple of blanks, he was the bald-headed little girl with no lollypop.

Go, read, comment, and give me five stars, for crying out loud. Let's make me seem more valuable than I actually am, please.

Oh and hey! I even made a tidy score of my own while doing it. My first-ever MTT takedown. As the Buddah once said to the fish, "w00t." I'm even considering a post about some of the key hands, so you can see just how badly you have to play to win in poker.

Oh, and double hey! Speaking of Mini FTOPS and big MTT scores, go congratulate Hoyazo for pulling 27,000 out of the series. He needs your congratulations to stay awake, I promise. I heard that he's cutting his coffee with Red Bull, which is changing his chromosomes but not keeping those eyelids up. Luckily 27 large buys plenty of toothpicks.

Triple ripple hey! In case you didn't know, Astin's the WBPT winner. Which means that a small but growing percentage of bloggers thinks that I am the WPBT Golden Hammer winner. When you are only pixels and never show up IRL, it turns out that wacky theories accrue like wattles on Joe Lieberman's neck. In further Astin news, he took the sickest skyline photo ever from his room atop the Bellagio. Go, observe with wonderment.

It's nice to start up the blogging apparatus again. It was nice to just let this thing lie fallow for a month, but I have too much crazy and too much awesome to share, to say nothing of all those random silly poker thoughts. Time to get weird.

Here's a dose of crazy:

Here's a dose of awesome.

Here's some Kids In The Hall news that a few of you emailed me about. I have been watching for this to come around the corner for a year or so.

That's right, y'all. The Kids Are back. Can you wait? You'll have to. But not for much longer.

Oh yeah. Only 5 more weeks until LOST. Get ready for my ongoing nonsense as we follow the final legs of the greatest TV drama ever.

For those of you who are newbies and want to catch up, here's a little video that may help.

Time to go fire up Xtranormal and interview some famous poker hands. I'll see you around out there. Keep your powder dry.


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