Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LOST Prelude 01: Refresh & Conjecture

There is an Island that lives outside of our time and space. There is an Event within this island, which occurs throughout its unique time and space. This Event is triggered at a specific time in the Island’s chronology, and cause the chronological events of the island to occur again and again and again, with slight permutations.

The island exists in a dimensional parallel to the planet Earth, orbiting the planet like a moon. However, because of its unique dimensional configuration, it is for the most part able to orbit within the earth. It surfaces in Tunisa, the Pacific Ocean, and the Arctic, as well as many other locations. Because of its unique dimensional configuration, its matter does not interfere with the earth's matter, nor the earth's matter with it's own. Even when traveling on its orbit within the earth, it has access to the sun's light.

It is very hard to reach this island.

It is perhaps impossible to know whether the Island’s unique chronological situation is caused by the Event, or if the Event was made possible by the Island’s unique chronological situation.

Two consciousnesses exist on the Island. One is named Jacob. The other is his Nemesis. They alone are fully aware of how long the island lives, and many times this has happened.

Each time, the island lives for hundreds of thousands of years.

It has lived, for hundreds of thousands of years, millions of times.

These consciousnesses are in contention with one another. They have been in contention for many turns of the time’s wheel.

Jacob can leave the island. He can touch people. He can restore them to life. He can keep them from aging. He can heal them. He can also choose not to heal them. He can allow them to become sick. He can allow them to suffer. He can influence people. He does this through revelation.

He can appear as a man, though he rarely does. He can also appear as an animal, like a horse, or bird. Or a Labrador retriever. It is possible that he can appear in the guise of those who are dead.

Jacob wants to use the island’s unique repeating time loop to perfect the timeline. He does this by making modifications. By bringing people to the island, by influencing them, by leaving them to do what they will. To make different, hopefully better, decisions. He revels in the slow evolution toward perfection. He accepts pain and death as the price paid for this progress.

Yes, he accepts death. Even his own.

The Nemesis is unable to leave the island. He is unable to harm Jacob physically. He can touch others, and, occasionally, chooses to (or is allowed to) harm them. He is very clever. He, too, can influence people. He does so through lies.

He can appear as a man, though he rarely does. He can appear as the dead. He can also appear as smoke.

The Nemeis is maddened by this constant repetition. He tires of the flounderings and failure of these limited creatures, humans. He wants to bring a stasis to the timeline. The only way he can accomplish this is to end Jacob’s experimentation. The only way to end Jacob's experimentation is to end Jacob. If Jacob stops changing things, then every event throughout every iteration of the loop will be exactly the same every time. Which will mean that one will be indistinguishable from the next. Which means it will all finally only happen once. The timeline will only begin once. The timeline will only end once.

Currently, the timeline ends with the destruction of space and time.

The Nemesis craves the kindly slumber of entropy.

This is the story of their struggle.


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Mike Maloney said...

Is this the synopsis for next week's Jersey Shore?

Julius_Goat said...

No. "Conveyor Of Love."


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Very nicely done. Goat.

Less than 6 weeks and counting.

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White Rabbit said...

Great overview. i wish i would have known about this blog sooner!