Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Nine Round Up

In case you missed it, nine of the greatest poker players on the planet Earth are going to duke it out for big bucks and honor, and the right to kill the other eight. I'm going to have to research some of that. Anyway, I know all of these guys very well, and I was kind enough to give you the inside diggity on them a couple months back.

Here they are. Before you watch the ME final table, refresh your memories with the stories you'll find only here.

Darvin Moon
James Akenhead
Phil Ivey
Kevin Schaffel
Steve Begleiter
Eric Buchman
Joe Cada
Antoine Saout
Jeff Shulman

My pick to win it all? I'm going to go longshot and say it will be James "Oh My" Akenhead.

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