Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Vegas Post 02: That Exact Color

I lost thirty bucks my first session of $1/$2. There wasn't much else to say, really, so let me go on in detail for the next ten paragraphs. In two hours I saw one playable hand (it was the JackAce), and I raised it up from the cutoff, forgetting what I had already noticed about this table; namely:

1) Most players were limping every hand with any two cards.

2) Having limped, most players would call any additional raise up to about 8 or 10 times the big blind. I believe this was considered "limping with benefits" at the Luxor, though on the North Strip it was called "the gangsta strut." I'm making all of this up. Where was I?

Oh yes! I raised under those circumstances detailed above. Thus, my $12 raise made us five handed to the flop. Now, I forgot the first rule of JackAce, which is to shove with JackAce. I also forgot the second rule of JackAce, which is that JackAce plays best against aces with better kickers and pairs. Since there were no raisers, I could be reasonably sure that I was against only worse hands.

In other words? I was doomed.

The flop came QcTc3c, giving my Ace clubs a worthy flush draw. The big blind led out about $25, and it folded around to me. I made the call. Turn was a 9d, putting up another flush draw but leaving me open ended to boot, to boot. He checked and I checked. The river was a blank. He checked and I bet to steal, and he called and showed me the straight. JackAce can't beat KJ offuit, son. He'd been afraid of the flush and let out a sigh of relief. "You know, I'm actually lucky; I have a buttoned, collared shirt that exact color blue," I told the dealer. "Looks just like the ones all the dealers are wearing. I almost packed it. I could be wearing it now."

"But on the other hand, you might have picked up some of my tips by mistake," he said. "All profit."

Smart-ass. I left him buried in the desert.*

I ground my way up from there a bit (winning most of my chips on a re-raise with Kings that actually garnered a fold from the initial raiser) but never made a full recovery. It was time to go wake up L so we could walk the Strip as planned.

* No, I didn't.


Astin said...

"Walk the strip" eh? Huh huh? Right? Nudge nudge? Did you take pictures?

You know, you don't need to bring your wife for that. They have people who will "walk the strip" with you for a small charge. If you're a senior, it's sometimes free. They're called boy scouts.

I'm assuming we're talking about ambulation in a north-south direction along Las Vegas Blvd S between the MGM Grand and The Wynn, right?

Sean G said...

Hope you enjoyed all the construction out there. That walk from the Bellagio to the Monte Carlo is a real pleasant stroll if you ask me.

I will have to use that "limp with benefits" line in my next live game. Nobody will know what the hell I am talking about, but then there's nothing new there. A guy who posts Kids in the Hall clips should understand where I'm coming from.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

So where did you actually bury the dealer?

Julius_Goat said...

I just propped him up at a penny slot machine at the IP. Un-noticeable for 4 months.

Fuel55 said...

Time for another named-hand video ... might I suggest Presto ??

Dawn Summers said...

The river was a blank. He checked and I bet to steal, and he called and showed me the straight. JackAce can't beat KJ offuit, son.

But that cause King Jack is the nuts. Well, second nuts. Hammer's the nuts.

lightning36 said...

I had a shirt that same color. Never wore it -- even once.

Amatay said...

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