Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's All Go To The Lobby

Here we are. The website that literally nobody was clamoring for! I started the FilmChaw in 2003, and I have a fond place in my heart for it as it was my first ever slice of the Internet. I kind of drifted away from it, but brought it back again after The_Goat_Speaks got me in love with blogging. Then I started trying to write my novel again while still posting to TGS. And now I'm doing some co-plotting on a novela about a great Elvis impersonator. Oh, and I want to make more videos.

Clearly this is a fine time to try to get my film blog going again, but that's what my big brain keeps insisting it wants to do, and who am I to argue with my big brain? It got me a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts, after all. Thanks, big brain!

But then it occurred to me that it really doesn't have to be MY film blog. I mean, look: almost everybody watches movies. If there is a communal art form, it's this one. On the other hand, there are such an endless variety of movie appreciation, of perspective on both specific subject materials, as well as of the historical and technical understanding of the medium itself, that it is pretty obviously our most diverse -- and diversely appreciated -- art form.

In other words, there are millions of movie lovers. But there are thousands of different kinds of movie lovers. That was the whole point of the events I used to have called "FilmChaws," now that I think of it. The idea was a "blind" DVD marathon, in which each participant would come with a secret movie. These movies would be drawn at random from the pool and watched with no pre-expectations. There were no limits to what you could bring. 1940s Hungarian art film? Fine. The latest multiplex Will Ferrell vehicle? No problem. Your favorite film ever? Sure. Your least favorite was jake with me, too. Anything. No limitation. The idea, you see, was to expand your perspective. To put yourself at the mercy of the artistic tastes or curiosities of another.

So why not have a blog that does the same? A communal place to write about film, to broaden perspective, to write about whatever the hell you want. Let's make this our place for writing about movies.

Contact me via comment to this post, or by IM, Twitter, or email (not hard to find if you ask enough poker bloggers) if you want to join up. Send me a letter if you have my address. Call my cell if you know the answer. If you are psychic, then . . . . [sending sending sending]

Here are the qualifications to contribute to FilmChaw.

You have to like movies in some way, and think that you might someday, maybe, want to write a couple sentences about them. And that's it.

You don't have to write about a specific type of movie. You won't be given an assignment. You don't have to write every week, or every month, or even ever. I mean it. I'll keep you on as a contributor if you haven't once posted in five years (assuming that blogs still exist in 2014 and we aren't just fluttering fleets directly to one another's inner eyelids using our new iHeads from Apple. What? You don't have a Flutter account? What are you doing? You're not still on Twitter), are you!?).

Hmm, what else can I do to un-limit this thing. Oh, here we go. You don't have to write movie reviews. Good, right? You have a scene you want to write about or just show? Do it. You want to write about an actor? You have my blessing, which you don't need. Or just write about a genre, or a director, or . . . I don't care. Television, books, comics, theater. OK, you get the idea.

So far it is me and (soon I think) Riggstad and Astin, as well as my buddy Hambone. This time tomorrow, it can be you!

And to be clear, this is not MY project, it's OUR project. If you post often and regularly, I'll make you co-administrator. Keys to the kingdom, baby. By ourselves any one of us could make a sad and neglected blog that nobody knows about or reads. Together we could make something wonderful and fun. I'll take door number 2.

Oh, and I think I will probably have a couple requests for how you situate your post tags once I figure out how that works, so that the reviews are easily indexed. But even if you don't I won't fuss.

Got it?

Cool. Pass the popcorn.


dueyv9 said...

i like writing...and i hate writing alone.

i'd like to contribute. i'm one of those get on a roll types and then i stop writing for a while...i work in already got a bunch of let me know where i should send my work.

Julius_Goat said...

Cool, duey! Just ship me your email address so I can send you a Blogger invite. If you don't want to leave it in comments, just send it to:

an drewrm ox on [at] yahoo [dotcom]

but, you know, take out the spaces and brackets to make email-y. Or IM me. Or hit me with a Twitter message. Or craft a tiny mold with your email on it, pull out your fillings and melt them down, pour the molten composite into the mold, cool, and then take the bas-relief of your email and tie it to the leg of a seagull, and trust to fate. It's worked many times before.

1Queens Up1 said...

Sure goat, sign me up also.

slapinsky22 AT yahoo DOT com

HighOnPoker said...

I love me some movies. Sign me up!

dueyv9 said...

dueyv9 at hot mail dot com