Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two-Time Mookie Winner Julius_Goat Thanks You

Yeah, this happened.

I know what you're thinking and don't worry. I'll stay the same. The only difference is a little bit more cash in my account. Also, from now on I will answer only to "Two-Time Mookie Winner Julius_Goat."

What? What's that? Two-Time Mookie Winner Julius_Goat can't hear you.

You say I only won after spiking the four outer heads up to cripple TBA? You say there were two years between victories? You say there were no BBT points? You say there were only fifteen runners?

Bah. Two-Time Mookie Winner Julius_Goat can't be distracted by such nonsense. Two Time Mookie Winner Julius_Goat needs to go buy a new cape.

The old one is behind the times these days.


TripJax said...

I've got one in my closet somewhere I haven't worn in quite a while. I'll send it to you...

1Queens Up1 said...

Does two-time mookie runner up get any kind of distinction?

Julius_Goat said...

I wouldn't know, I am merely a one-time Mookie runner-up.

I got blue suede shoes for that achievement. I'll send you one.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Seriously...they aren't really playing the Mookie anymore these days, are they? Seriously?

Julius_Goat said...

I will send you my old cloak, Hoy.