Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your Weekly Dose of Crawsome

"Crawsome" is when something is simultaneously crazy and awesome. Alternatively, "awesazy" is when something is simultaneously awesome and crazy.

Which means, of course, that "crawsazysome" is when something is simultaneously crawsome and awesazy.

And that, my friends, is supercalifragalisticexpealadocious.

When I received an email today from an individual apparently named "Nanny Ho", I knew today was the day to drop this package on you.

Poppins in house, yo. Respeck.

1 comment:

BLAARGH! said...

Dude... you haven't seen the best of fagotron till you've seen this one:

Then blow your mind by going to the yooouuutuuube version... one of the best things on the web...

... and just for kicks, here's poppins plugged in :)

...and here's fagotron's youtube page. My daughter's fav is harry potter of course...