Monday, June 15, 2009

Kill Tilt, Vol. 1

BBT4 busted me. BBmT didn't help. Turned my last three bucks into thirty on Friday in a 90 seat SNG. I are so good at the pokers.

So flush with Tilt bucks and with my roll way up in the double digits, I played another one . . . and got my AK snapped off by a guy who opened EP with a 3 blind raise, called my re-raise, flat called half pot bets on an AQ8 flop and a Q turn. He checked the 8 on the river, and I, suspicious, checked as well.

He had 86. Sooted.

And I don't care. Why is this? Typically this is where I shake my head and get a little ornery. Nothing extravagant. I don't yell, or hit things, or shave my head. I try not to even spout off in chat. But I usually get ornery, all the same. If you don't feel me on this, you're lying. Poker messes with that internal sense of justice like nothing else. You weren't supposed to lose, and you did. A bad thing has happened to a good person. The universe is not in alignment while those chips rest in front of that flatliner over there. Lately, though, I don't care. Have I become immune to just how fishy the games on these online poker sites are?

Or am I just comfortably numb?

Maybe so, maybe not. I think it is a good thing. I'd like to bottle my reaction to last night's "injustice". I think it is of utmost importance, this ability to absolve the other guy of bad play. If you hang on to the bad play of another, then that bad play owns you in some small way. It controls you. It affects you, and your own play.

Here's the thing about hanging onto the injustice of bad play made good. It will never make you better. Ever.

So Kill Tilt, everybody. Next time you lose to that snap-calling eight-deuce, just type the most confusing thing you could possibly type in that situation ("nh") and move along.

Tell 'em the Goat sent you.


OhCaptain said...


1Queens Up1 said...

These are the times I go into WWFLS mode.
(What Would Foghorn Leghorn Say?)

I am convinced every situation could be made better by talking like Him. And yes I just capitalized the H out of respect for the best cartoon chicken ever.

PokahDave said...

I've tried this doesn't work for me. I like to lose my mind on Fridays at PokerStars and all days on Full Tilt. I am however good about taking the beats in the BBT series for some weird reason.

BLAARGH! said...

What's helped me recently has been playing full ring. I see some of the dumbest plays and sickest suckouts imaginable. Constantly. But you start to realize that's where the $$ is coming from. You WANT, no NEED those terards in there. The horrid suckouts are just a little taste so they keep coming back to get stacked by you 40 times over. In the tourneys, it seems to be a matter of getting far enough ahead of the crazies so the inevitable suckout doesn't take you out. Tommy Angelo's book also is a very good read for tilt management. I'm pretty sure it's +EV to not break your computer.