Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOST Prologue 003: Push

"When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the Father of Lies."

-John 8


"Maybe all it needed was a little push."




Now let's speculate a little. About the brothers, and about the push.

Both of these brothers, the light and the dark, influence the people who come into their sphere. Jacob, we've already noted, calls them to himself.

He does this softly. Gently. Empathetically (I'm sorry this happened, he says to many of them.)

He does it annonymously. He comes to them at key moments. Sometimes what he gives them isn't much. The price of a stolen lunchbox. An extra candy bar. Sometimes he influences them in major ways. A distraction that saves a life. A touch that restores it. His influence doesn't always seem beneficial. He provides the pen that helps a boy become a man consumed by thoughts of revenge.

He touches them. Every time, he puts his hands on them.

He guides them, behind the scenes. Nudges. Push. Push. Push. Do you think the instances we saw of his interactions with these characters was the only time he ever entered their lives? I don't.

But his brother interacts with them, too, in different ways, no less subtle and annoymous. Insidious. Lies. He lies with his lips, but he lies also to their eyes, to their hearts. He appears as those that were dead. He takes on the guise of Locke.

Think of who else he has appeared as, and to whom. Think of the influence of the walking dead in this show.

To Ben he has appeared many times. When Ben was a child, he took on the appearance of the boy's dead mother, and lured him to himself. When he was older, he appeared as Alex and ordered him to follow "Locke." As Christian, he convinced Locke to move the island, and to bring his departed friends back to play their part. In the cabin, he played the part of "Jacob" to tow men -- Ben and Locke -- ignorant of his nature and of Jacob's. As Locke, he convinced Richard to give him access to Jacob, chosen murderer in tow.

He never touches anyone, not even to help a man with a broken leg off the floor. Perhaps he can't. Perhaps that is one of the rules that binds him.

He pushes, as well. He pushes with lies. He crafted Ben with such meticulous lies that Ben himself became a master liar. To those desperate for meaning and approval, he gives false promises. With lies he convinced Locke to follow the path of his choosing, convinced Ben to kill the man whose approval he craved so desperately.

He needs a loophole. Lies can crawl into the tiniest cracks. Though the slightest seams. They are as noxious and as ephemeral as . . .


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he told kate not to bring aaron back...interesting.