Monday, May 18, 2009

LOST Prologue 06: Wrong

"I was wrong."

-John Locke, Season 2


“There's a battle coming, John. And if you aren't there, the wrong side is going to win."

-Charles Widmore, Season 5


OK. I'm wrong about all this.

You know that, right?

I wrote my theories as authoritatively as possible, but I do want to disclaim, now. All this was my reaction to what we saw last night, which changed our perspective of the show like nothing else has previous, not even the flash forwards. So much has been revealed. So much has been hinted. And, of course, a lot is still unclear. But the scope has widened by a factor of ten, and we're starting to understand the stakes of this battle over the island. We're starting to see the various sides.

So, you have hopefully enjoyed, or at least borne with me, as I have set out my educated guesses as to what it all means. To boil it down to the essentials, that is:

1) Jacob and his Dark Brother are adversaries over the role of people. Most specifically, over whether or not they can improve, or if they are fated to remain the same, and if they have choice, or if they are merely slaves to destiny. Jacob is humanity's Advocate. His brother is humanity's Adversary. Yep, it's just that Biblical.

2) The island is Jacob's laboratory for these experiments, and he draws people to it by playing an active, though hidden, role in their lives. They are on a kind of a time loop, replaying these events with only slight changes again and again and again. Jacob rules at a distance on the island, preferring to give his subject room for choice and free will. This island is analogous to, or perhaps in fact is, the Garden of Eden.

3) Jacob and the Dark Brother are bound by rules which include not killing one another, or at least the Dark Brother is bound not to kill Jacob. However, he can convince somebody else to kill on his behalf. Dark Brother needs access to Jacob and a willing killer. This is complicated by the limited access Jacob gives his followers, and the devotion he inspires among those who follow him.

4) Dark Jacob manifests as himself, but also as the dead, and also as the entity known as the smokemonster. He has used these manifestations to guide Ben and Locke to this point.

5) Jacob's death is, in fact, a larger part of Jacob's plan, though his brother doesn't know it. Something in his death gives Jacob the upper hand in a way his brother never anticipated.

Those are the educated guesses. Some of them aren't really up for debate (like Jacob being involved in our character's lives) except in terms of degree. Others really are just guesses and assumptions, though plausible ones. The Eden thing just resonates, and since I've been proposing it since late Season 2, I'm sticking with it. It is still possible.

But I'm wrong.

Of course I'm wrong. Remember, I'm the guy who had Sawyer as a lock for the Season 5 dead pool. I'm the guy who was positive that Locke and Jacob were one and the same, or perhaps maybe Jack was. In any event, Jacob was FOR SURE somebody we already knew. So was the statue. Etc., etc.

So I've made lots of assumptions. And I'm doing it again.

And here's the big one: I'm assuming Jacob is the good twin. Just because he's the light one. How ethnocentric of me. I will now return my liberal arts degree.

No, not just because he's the light one. Also because of his empathy, and his willingness to be killed. And because he hasn't seemed to truck in lies, whereas the Notorious DB has dealt in nothing but. But really, who IS the "wrong" side? Who is it to Widmore? To Eloise? To Richard? Do they even know which side they're on? I think at this point we, the audience, may finally have more information than any of the characters.

So, that was a pretty key episode.

But still. If LOST has taught us anything, it's that first impressions are often the ones that lead us astray, and easy assumptions are quickly reversed with proper context.

I have no idea if the bomb was a part of The Incident all along, or if it changed everything. My current opinion is that it alters things, but not as expected, and that it may be the event that causes this time loop. So we run it again and again and again, and each time the bomb goes off, and each time it is part of the incident, but each time it changes things . . . again.

I have no idea if Real Locke will ever return. I hope he will. He ought to. He deserves to.

I have no idea if Jacob will stay dead. I hope not.

I have no idea what's coming next.

All I know is two things:

First, all future plot twists will involve the revelation of John Locke's corpse in a series of different boxes.


"They're coming."

Whatever that means.

Next: It was a good episode, and I really liked it quite a lot.

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Jules said...

I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and "assumptions". Fantastic job.

I am not sold on the Garden of Eden thing, based on the number of people and the whole dying thing.

I am trying to piece together all the events that lead to John's body being brought back to the island. Jack was told by Ben, who was told by....Richard? Who was told by Jacob? So Jacob knew the deal the whole time?

Keep up the good work sir.