Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Hand At A Time 001: Jack Ace Offsuit

A while ago, a well known poker insider who wishes to remain anonymous approached me with the opportunity to do a regular web-based TV show.

"The idea is you interview poker hands," he seethed through his teeth, which were as brown and yellow as October in Vermont.

I was reticent. Oh yes, reticent. For one thing, I don't really want to have my face go public on the internet. For another, I'm not sure I have the whole TV personality vibe going. And also, I'll be honest: Some poker hands scare me. But finally he talked me into it.

"Come on," he said. "Do it."

What can I say? I'm impressionable.

So here's the first episode, which was a lot of fun to shoot. I'm hoping that we get picked up.

As always, check out Poker From The Rail for this and more great poker content.


BWoP said...


Favorite line: "My powers are reduced when shoving."

Can't wait for more.

Fuel55 said...

"I wont rest until you are all dead or insane."

FAWK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OhCaptain said...


You are the wind beneath my wings.

Katitude said...

bloody brilliant!!!

Shrike said...

I rarely laugh out loud at online stuff. This is the exception to the rule.


joxum said...

That! Just what I needed!


1Queens Up1 said...


I like the Max Headstrom moment.

Quite Right.

ipoker said...

nice :)

BLAARGH! said...

What am I missing here? I just see a big white area where something interesting should be happening....

Is there some codec I'm missing goat?

BLAARGH! said...

ferget it... i looked at the source, it's from xtanormal + their site is down... sorry to bother you.