Thursday, April 16, 2009

LOST 035: Miles Knows What You Did Last Summer

I think I'll be short this time, first because I don't really have much time, but secondly because this was a palette-cleanser of an episode. It had about as light a touch as LOST can manage these days, what with all the time-travel shenanigans and the Egyptian mysticism and the dire prophetic intonations and the conflict and the ow-ow-ow-the-bullets-they-hurt-me, blaven. Said light touch came to us courtesy of Hurley in garlic mayo slathered comic relief mode, as well as the always hilariously acerbic hero, Miles, now officially our first Freighty to get a flashback all his own.


So let's just say that when Miles looked through the window to see his baby self being dandled on the knee of obviously-doting dad Pierre Chang, it was a very touching, emotional moment that reversed expectations in a very Lost-y sort of way. Say what you will about Chang nee Marvin Candle (and I'll say that he's just as acerbic, if not as hilarious, as his ghost-whisperer son), but he clearly cared for his kid very much.

So what happened? We now know that two of the Freighter Folk -- Charlote and Miles -- were on-island as kids, and since Eloise Hawking is Daniel's mom, it isn't much of a stretch to say that it may be three. Both Miles and Charlotte's mothers runoffed the island in a hurry, leaving the goldurned paterfamilias behind. So what happened? The timing is wrong for it to be the purge, which won't happen for another dozen years or so. My theory is that whatever it is, is caused by "the incident" that a one-armed Chang spoke of in the Swan orientation film. The one that caused the numbers to have to be entered from then on. In other words, something is going to happen with the Sawn. Something electromagnetic on a level that can pull your filling right through your brain (oh and good job getting rid of all the head jewelry before coming to the island, Miles).

Something's coming. Something baaad.

My speculation?

Something involving the Jughead. The one that got buried long before Dharma showed up and started digging everywhere.

And why did the sequence involve Hurley's numbers? Well, probably just because that happened to be the seemingly random serial number that went on the Swan's hatch. It might just be that simple. We'll never know if the chicken came before the egg, but maybe the random serial number came before those numbers became fraught with fateful meaning.

What else did we discover last night? I'm glad you asked, imaginary person I just made up! Here we go:

1) I was wrong. Obviously you can be two different ages on the island at the same time. So now I have no idea why Sun isn't in 1977. Maybe she is a tie-die conscientious objector.

2) I was wrong. The Shadow Of The Statue Group did not just get "infected" by the island, French-scientist style. Or, if they did, they were infected long before they arrived. Also, they are the least intimidating, most polite, rolling-van-kidnap group ever.

"Get in the van!"
"Aaaah my fish taco!"
"Don't join the bad guys!"
"Why not?"
"We want you to grow as a person!"
"No, I want money! Let me go!"
"Oh, all right. But we are really disappointed in you!"

Anyway, there is obviously a faction aligned against Widmore out there, and Ilanya and Bram are a part of it. Wonder if they are also aligned with Ben, or if there is a third faction, or if Ben IS the third faction. Ben certainly seemed to have non-island associates this season. This development makes me think that Richarad Alpert and the Others are just the members of this underground Egyptian religious cabal that are high-ranking enough to have been given the honor of living on the island. Wonder what is in their shiny silver box.

3) If you had Charles Widmore in the Who Put The Fake Oceanic 815 Full Of Corpses On The Bottom Of The Ocean? office pool, you've got to be feeling a bit smug now, since Miles' "audition" consisted of reading a dead Widmore lackey's thoughts. The guy's name was Felix, and the cat was basically delivering his boss a receipt for one (1) Submerged Mass Murder (w/Airliner).

4) We now know why Miles asked Ben for 3.2 million. It's precisely twice the 1.6 Widmore is offering. Miles was just trying to double down.

5) Hurley is crazier than we thought. Seriously, dude, you have the idea to get George Lucas to improve one of his movies and you choose Empire? EMPIRE?




HighOnPoker said...

Another fine job, JGoat. One thing though. I think the dead body that was Miles' job interview was actually someone who was going to Widmore to point out that he had uncovered Widmore's plot. Hence, he had the receipt for the sale of the plane hull and the pictures of the empty graves, which were evidence of Widmore's deceit. Widmore obviously had him killed and probably wanted Miles to find out who sent him or get other background info from the corpse. I don't think the corpse was Widmore's homie.

timpramas said...

I came away convinced it was NOT Widmore who was responsbile for the fake oceanic 815 found at the bottom of the sea. Lapidus told Widmore that the body in the cockpit was fake and that couldn;t have been the body of the actual pilot. That is why Widmore let Lapidus go onthe freighter. It seems that Felix was probably sent by Widmore to find out who did stage the fake plane setting and how. Felix, en route to Widmore, is killed and his documents are taken.

Tom showed Michael the documents in a NYC hotel room in order to convince Michael to find a way on to the freighter. I don't know if it was Ben or a third party (Ann Arbor based Dharma people?) who was responsible for the staged fake plane and bodies, but I don't think we can conclude it was Widmore based upon this past episode.

Widespread media reports show camera views of the fake Oceanic 815 at thebottom of a sea and claim all bodies have been accounted for - the number of dead bodies matches the number of passengers and crew on board. Yet, later when the Oceanic 6 appear, no one in the general public or media seems to be wondering how this could be.

Julius_Goat said...

@Jordan and tim -- I think it can be interpreted either way, but it's a direct link between Widmore and the cover up -- a paper trail. To me that increases the chances that it is Widmore. However, this being LOST I must say it could go either way and is certainly too early for me to do anything but speculate.

But I do like the idea that it is the same paperwork Tom showed Michael. And I don't doubt but we'll see Felix again.

@tim -- Yeah, I'll have to try to remember that when I write up the 10 biggest Lost plot blunders. Really, the credulity of the world in reaction to whole stupid lie stretches belief. It has more leaks than my poker game.

danielle970 said...

So I'm not the only one who was left wondering "how were the Oceanic 6 explained after flight 815 was supposedly found and all [dead] bodies accounted for"?! I have been asking this question on my blog ALL SEASON and no one can seem to give me an answer. Did I miss something? Did Jack & Co. explain it during their press conferences? Or was it just never explained?

As for who is behind the fake crash, I'm voting Widmore all the way. I actually thought there was indisputable evidence to that fact, but I can't remember specifics. Regardless, all the evidence seems to point Charles.

1Queens Up1 said...

WHAT!? No mention of the Egyptian lesson being erased from the blackboard by Jack as Ben's drunk daddy walks in?


My question is HOW did Ben's dad come to a conclusion while drunk that Kate played a role in Ben's disappearance? Did he read Navarro's book on tells?

Ben's Dad: Kate, even though Im inebriated, I can see you are pushing the swing AWAY from me, clearly this means you do not like what you know and you are trying to "distance" yourself from the situation. Based on these facts, I'm all in.

Jedi > Empire. Even with the Ewoks in it.

1Queens Up1 said...

Curious if you saw this JG. Trying to convince the GF to let me buy one right now

Are You Dharma Material?

Julius_Goat said...

@Queens: Um Jedi > Empire? You may have brained your damage there.

Either Roger has great intuition or else he is a dill-weed who suspects everybody all the time, and he just happened to get lucky that time.

And he doesn't have great intuition.

As for the Egyptian lesson, I don't see it telling us anything more about the island than we knew before. There is clearly a strong Egyptian presence on the island. I suppose it is of interest that Dharma may know it, too. Otherwise they just have a teacher who is weird.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

There was a lot more in this episode worth mentioning I think. For starters, that weird "do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue" line again. What does lie there? That's what I want to know.

Second, what about Naomi very matter-of-factly telling Miles that there are "a number of deceased persons living" on the island. That kinda gets at the whole Christian / Jacob / Locke thing that is somehow happening there.

Also, what about Kate totally funking things up with Roger, again. She is turning out to be way more trouble than she is worth. It's one thing to want to not let Ben die by Sayid's hand. It's a whole other thing to act all creepy around his dad and basically telegraph to him that you know more about Ben's disappearance than you are letting on.

The last point I would make is just how much things are totally falling apart for Sawyer -- I mean for LaFleur -- ever since the Losties returned to the island. This week it seemed at the end that it all kinda came apart there, and now what's the plan from here? Punch that dude in the face, tie him up, and then what? This shizzle's gonna have to come to a head right soon it seems to me. I am wondering more and more if the "infiltration" of Dharma by LaFleur, Miles and Jin might somehow play a bigger part than I had previously thought in whatever happens to Dharma here in the 70s.

So, what do you think, that the nuclear warhead gets buried near the electromagnetic force in the Swan and that's what causes the injuries and such that eventually require the numbers every 108 minutes to let out minute enough amounts of the electromagnetism and radiation to still be livable through?

Oh, also, I am pretty sure that the Hatian buried the fake plane, with an assist from Mohinder.

Julius_Goat said...

@ Hoy: Yep, Sawyer is pretty much done within the next 48 hrs. or so I'd say, unless he is willing to Kill Phil Volume 1. The fit is about to hit the shan.

Mohinder isn't smart enough to crash a plane, much less load one with corpses and submerge it.