Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haiku 001: Cowboys

Yes, I'm obsessed. I spent last night cooking up the start of some videos, so I think you'll be seeing that snowman tater-legs interview someday soon.

Anyway, until further notice, Wednesday is poker haiku day over at TGS.

I've stared at the Ace
on the board seven minutes now.
I hate cowboys.


Astin said...

King. King. Yay Cowboys!
Ten, three, ace, are you kidding?
Fucking Cowboys. Shit!

Riggstad said...

pure genius - truly

TripJax said...

I have been forced to open an xtranormal account tonight. I just did a video about my wife being freaked out by the swine flu. I can't believe I am sitting here laughing at something I made about the swine flu.

Thank you Goat for pointing me in that direction...

dueyv9 said...

i ran into xtranormal a month ago and its only fitting that goat found it as well.i got bored real quick however from the lack of options.....which i hope they are working on right now.