Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of Course You RealizeThat THIS Means Wah!

A couple weeks ago, I called out Michael Craig, challenging him to a low-stakes version of the Durrrr Challenge. I also hinted that he was a shaved ape.

And Michael Craig has responded.

Money quote:
Michael has no need for your money. In the alternative, he needs a lot more than $15. If you want $5 in the unlikely event that you are ahead, Michael agrees, provided he has six months to pay, or can pay on an installment plan. But if you lose - and Michael assures me you will lose -you have to sacrifice something more precious than money. Goats are supposed to eat anything, right? If you lose, Michael gets to pick one alleged food item for sale at the World Series of Poker and you have to eat it. There are two provisos to this rule: (a) you have to pay for the item, provided the cost is under $15 dollars, and (b) if you do not attend the World Series in person, Michael is allowed to shove the food item in an envelope and ship it to wherever you are, and you will take photographic evidence of said consumption.
The Goatttt Challenge is on, son.

More to come soon at Poker From The Rail. Stay tuned.


Fuel55 said...

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Finally a reason to attend this year's WSOP

Drizztdj said...

Playing PLO or Hold Em'?

Make it the last week of the WSOP, I'd like to watch :D