Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Public Service

As you well know, BBT4 is coming, with lots of special goodies and WSOP seats and all that other nifty from Full Tilt via Al Can't Wait To Get To Key West. Yessir, absolutely free World Series seats to some of us.

Before long, we'll all be hip-deep in complaints and flame wars.

So, to allow us to get past that and focus on the fact that we're about to play poker, magically, in our living rooms, for a chance at an extremely valuable prize, because we live in amazing times . . . here's a time saver. Copy and paste.


I'll admit it, I'm [ choose all that apply] disappointed / disgusted / saddened/ tired / hungry / sickened / horrified by what's happening.

I mean, back in [enter the year you started blogging] _________ , everything was [choose one] magical / wonderful / great / super / super great / magically wonderfully super-great , but lately, the BBT has been making [choose one] everybody way too worried about money / a lot of people into cheating slime / the fun run away and hide / me to play very badly .

I think that the idea of [choose any] chopping for seats / folding to the points / letting Waffles play / bankrolling bloggers / too many donkeys / pros playing with us / playing for lots of free stuff / prop bets / smack talk in the chat / posts blasting other people's play / new accounts for rakeback / table captains / snarking fake satire web forms / my not winning is a [choose one] terrible / terrible development.

How sad. It used to be about the [choose one] love of the game / integrity / friendship / honor / good times / live blogs / affiliate revenue.

I blame [choose any or write in] Hoy / Don / $mokkee / Waffles / Donkette / Al / Riggs / Lucko /Chad / Hoy / Hoy / Hoy / Hoy / Hoy / Hoy / (Other, Please specify)____________________________________.

I think I will stop playing [choose one] never.


Cardgrrl said...

Perfect. I plan to use this form multiple times.

HighOnPoker said...

Has anyone really complained about the BBT4? I must be reading the wrong blogs.

Julius_Goat said...

Well, gosh, what kind of public service would this be if I made the form available AFTER everybody had started complaining.

Horse <--------------- barn door.

HighOnPoker said...

Actually, Goatster, I retract my earlier comment. I finally caught up with some blogs and the complaints are flowing verily.

Schaubs said...

Bookmarked for future use.

Why you gotta start shit?

smokkee said...

g1 Goat, next week we get to read about all the bad beats, suckouts and coolers. can't wait.

PokahDave said...

I was looking for a template...sweet....