Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOST 026: My Rousseau-Called Life

And now mein Schprockets is the time that we have a Kate episode.

Must we? I suppose we must. Kate if you recall is the character who was a ninja spy bank robber for one flashback before the writers decided that she wasn't. She was on the run for a crime she was TOTALLY INNOCENT of, which turned out to be blowing up her stepdad, who was abusive to her mom, but the real reason she blew him up was not for smacking mama around, it was because she found out her stepdad was her REAL dad, and she couldn't handle being the spawn of trash like him. So she blew him up real good. Oh yeah, and instead of being TOTALLY INNOCENT, she was something like the exact opposite of that, except that Kate went on believing that she was a really good person, and since nobody and nothing on the show ever corrected that, I suppose that we are supposed to think that about Kate as well.

Oh yes, and she once got her ex-boyfriend killed because she robbed a bank while a fugitive from the law, to get a little tiny toy airplane out of a safe-deposit box, because it had some sentimental value for her. That sentimental value was that it reminded her of her boyfriend. Who got killed because she went and got that damn airplane. And still we are expected to see Kate as the selfless hero.

Oh right, and also one time she married a policeman while still a fugitive from the law. She had to abandon him when the fuzz started closing in, doping him into unconsciousness and leaving him behind to face a broken heart and maybe even some fun accessory to the crime charges. And still we're expected to see Kate as the selfless hero.

Oh right, and this episode we are given the explanation for Kate keeping Aaron, who is NOT Kate's son (as Ben quite rightly pointed out) and who DOES have family somewhere out there in the world. The reason was that she had lost all her island friends, especially her cage-buddy Sawyer, and so she didn't want to lose anybody else. So basically, Aaron was her island souvenier. And STILL we're expected to see Kate as the selfless hero? Well, finally Ben called her on her crap, but Ben is the kind of bad guy who is awesome, so I don't know. In any event, we had Kate say something along the lines of "what kind of person do you think I AM?" to Sun when Sun suggested Kate "take out" the people who were after Aaron. Get off the high horse, Kate. Sun knows exactly the kind of person you are.

The Lost writers have had better moments than those surrounding Kate, that's my point. Thus, her episodes tend to be weak. Happily, the new structure means that we don't focus as much on Kate even during a Kate-heavy episode, and so my happiness is rekindled. This was relatively strong for what it was.

Random Thoughts and Wild Guesses

* Jin Lives! OK, this was not a huge surprise at this point. One of the show runners basically slipped during the Season 4 recap two weeks ago. I must say, when Jin "died" on the freighter, I thought it was a for real, as permanent as this show allows, type of death, and I further thought that bringing him back would be a bit of a cop out, robbing Sun's story of emtional weight. Nah, I don't care. I like Jin, and I want those two crazy kids to wind up together, dammit. JIN LIVES! On the other hand, our storytellers have a pretty big job to explain this. Let's put aside how he escaped the boat's explosion. If Jin was inside the influence of the island's time jumps and moved with them, then how would the helicopter not be? Because they were in the sky? I don't like it. Hey, and how does Sun know that it is Ben's fault the boat blew up? Did Locke tell her or something?

* Rousseauback! Again, not really a surprise, and certainly not a reveal when this young, dark haired, preganant French castaway revealed that she was Danielle Rousseau. Bringing her back was inevitable once the time-jumpery began, but making her so kind and fresh-faced and seemingly happy for a castaway just makes her all the more a tragic figure, as we've seen the broken, pschologically damaged, woman she becomes. No happy endings for this lady. Now, why didn't she recognize Jin way back in the day? Or did the Lost writers cleverly keep Jin from meeting Rousseau? I don't think that can be it, especially with Rousseau traveling with the Losties at the end of Season 3. For now I'll wait and see.

* Nosebleeds. Ouch. Looks like our Island Six need a sixpack of constants, toot-sweet. Oh, and it looks like we got a pretty major hint dropped that Miles is Marvin Candle's baby, seen in the opening moments of the season premire. Daniel suggests that those effected first have been on the island longest, or earliest. Seems pretty cut and dried to me. Who is Charlotte? Former Dharma kid? Ben's old schoolchum? Who who who?

* The Other Others. When an Other meets an Other who isn't his brother, and those Others are on water and they battle while they paddle and they shoot at one another, we call that an Other Brother Shooting Rooting Tooting Timejump Paddle Battle. So who are the people from this Indian airline? I can't take many more factions. My favorite theory that I read was it is the newly crashed Oceanic Six, returned to the island and wondering who the hell stole the boss pontoon boats that The Professor -- I mean, Sayid, just made for them.

* "No, Jack. It was me. I did it, Kate. Sorry." Looks like a perfectly plain-vanilla scrap of dialogue. Put it in Michael Emersons mouth and it's gold. I can see the writers now. "What should we have him say here?" "Oh, just have him say, 'that's my lawyer', and Emerson will make it sound seven different shades of hilarious and menacing, all without moving any facial muscles." Hats off to Emerson, your Lost MVP. Oh, and it's nice that they don't drag out Kate finding out it's Ben behind the lawyer menace. Not sure why he reveal that so early (in other words, before they were back on the island), but it was a nice touch.

* The Oceanic Six Reunion Tour. Well, on that dock, we have Sun, murderous, Aaron, backseat-eous, Kate, false-matronous, Jack, misguidicous, Sayid, badassicus rex . . . sooooo, how do we get Hurley (murder-is-the-case-that-they-gave-me-eous) out of lockup? I mean, the lawyer said their was no case against Hurley, but even if you accept that (I more accept the Ben-has-fancypants-lawyers theory), the judicial system hardly moves quickly. I guess I'm just saying, I want a jailbreak episode next week. I'll beg.

Join me next time, when I say:

"Hey! I just remembered about the Hurley-bird! What the hell was THAT thing about??"


RedXBranch said...

How much do I enjoy reading these re-caps? So much that I read this re-cap even though I missed the episode due to a regional telecast of a colleg B-ball game pre-empting Lost on our local station.

Bravo, Sir.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Pre-empting Lost should be an automatic sentence to 70 days on the island.

HighOnPoker said...

Hey Goatness. I have one correction (I think, but I still defer to your Lostowledge) and one additional example of poor writing.

The correction:
First, Kate caused her boyfriend to die. THEN, she went to steal the airplane back and had another boyfriend killed in the robbery. It wasn't that she got boyfriend A killed as she was trying to get boyfriend A's plane figurine. It was, boyfriend A dies, she gets sentimental and uses a new boyfriend scumbag, boyfriend B, to rob a bank under pretenses, resulting in boyfriend B's death.

Why is it that the time jumps on the island always conveniently happen at a point of danger or revelation. Locke was held at gunpoint an episode or 2 ago, time jump. The other canoe almost caught up with the Losties canoe, time jump. Sawyer sees Kate, time jump. This is the most timely time jump ever for a random natural event.

One thing deserves HUGE kudos, though. At first, I thought, why would they lie that Kate was the mother. Why not just say that Claire died after giving birth? I'm glad they explained that Kate wanted to keep Aaron. If you assume that there is something 'special' about Aaron, as has been suggested from season 1, then Kate's 'attraction' to him makes a sorta sense. It's kinda like the intangible thing summoning them back to the island.

Julius_Goat said...

Thanks, Rex.

Agreed, Hoy.

Jordan, you're right. She got her boyfriend killed by bringing him back into her life when she was a fugitive for a crime she most certainly did commit.

I will forgive the fact that our island buddies are going to such important times and places for two reasons: 1) the story would suck if they were going to dull, uninteresting times, and 2) a lot really does happen on that island. Never a dull moment. So maybe there is no time that wouldn't be crucial.

Tmo said...
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Tmo said...

I had to think long and hard about the Jin/Rousseau thing too. I was almost tempted to watch all the previous episodes to make sure the two had never come in contact (but then I thought the better of it). Of course, when we first met Rousseau she had been living in the jungle by herself for a while and maybe her memory wasn't all there.

One possible explanation for Jin getting back to the island is that it jumped back to some time after the boat explosion and Jin had drifted close enough that he was caught in the next jump. He did seem pretty weather beaten when rescued.

Keep up the good work. No episode is complete until I've read the Goat's recap.

Gunslinger said...

I heart Goat's recaps.

I've been reading Fox in Socks to my son a lot lately as well.

Karen said...

So correct me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't that boat they were in have disappeared when the time jump happened?

1Queens Up1 said...

is it possible the "random" jumps aren't random?

Maybe the island is alive? Ionno it seems like unlike other shows, every minute detail has a purpose.