Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heroes 014: It's Gone From Suck To Blow

Well, that didn't take long to descend right back into the swamp of "what the hell?", did it? I'm not going to give this one much time, but still more than it deserves. This isn't done in fun or in good spirits. This is done in hate.

* Hiro and Ando are in India to fulfull their destiny. I'll just briefly mention that Hiro is once again a total emotionally stunted nitwit, who learns YET A-FREAKING-GAIN that you don't need powers to be a hero . . . just exactly how did they get to India? Aren't they wanted fugitives pursued by shadow forces from the U.S. Government? Didn't the U.S. government just capture them from Japan?

That means a plane is out. So did Peter fly them there, one at a time? Together? How much can he carry? Why not ALL go to India? MY GOD WHY NOT TAKE MOHINDER TO INDIA IF YOU'RE GOING???? Why does it stupid so much?

Also, I guess they just went because Matt drew it. If I was Matt, I would never stop taking advantage of this. I'd draw Hiro giving me all his money, his sister's phone number, fighting Ando, cleaning my house for me, etc. etc. This would never get old.

* Claire Bear I love you everything I do I do it for you the secrets I tell I Claire Bear I love you I do everything I do to keep you safe you can't know what I've done I love you I Claire Bear Dad you really care for me Oh I hate you you're evil you can't be trusted oh I see you really do care for me and are trying to keep me safe you're evil.

* Nikki, why did you kill that guy? Just out of spite? It certainly wasn't necessary. It certainly didn't help you, even given that you didn't know that somebody was about to pull funding until you froze that guy. Remember, you actually AREN'T a dangerous killer? Well, maybe you are. Let's just remember that in three episodes when the show decides you're a good guy.

The heat lamps keep you from freezing your chains by touch? But they don't set your poor flesh on fire? OK, whatever, comic book, right, I am nitpicking. Still, bwa hahahaha.

* At some point, there will be a history class taught that will examine the subtle ways that the constitutional abuses of the War on Terror impacted upon popular media. And, perhaps, there will be a class for the totally obvious and ham-fisted ways as well. If so, then there will be a place for Hereos.

In the meantime, I'm so glad to see the show falling right into the trap of framing the War On Terror as a disagreement between people who make ugly but tough realistic decisions, and people who are foolishly idealistic because they don't realize the true danger. News flash: I remember the danger. I'm not fuzzy on terror. If there was another attack, it would be horrible, but I would be just as opposed to relaxing civil liberties and curtailing our priciples in the name of safety. More so, perhaps, because it is precisely when the stakes are high that standing by our principles and safeguarding our civil rights becomes most important. Of course, as soon as Presidential Aide Flimsy Flopsalot sees that OMG THERE IS DANGER she totally changes course. Blech.

* Oh Sylar, you're so boring when you look for yet another daddy, and pretend you don't love your Robin.


Astin said...

I haven't watched this episode yet, nor read your post, but I'll assume the following happens.

- Hiro babbles about destiny while Ando looks confused
- Matt is a dumbass dick
- Peter whines
- Claire "acts" petulent
- Sylar broods
- Mohinder does something stupid in Hindi, because he's overdue.

PokerFool said...

I watched the last two episodes last night, and I have to totally agree. It is at a new level of suck.

I'm fairly certain that Heros is getting deleted from my DVR for good. There are just too many other good shows on now, and I don't have time to watch this crappy program.

I think you should start recapping Chuck instead of Heroes. Chuck kicks ass. Or maybe 24. 24 is pretty good this year too.

spritpot said...

Agreed on all counts. I've now spent about 20-25 hours watching this show, waiting for it to live up to the level of the first few shows, and I think I'm about done. So much damage has been done to the storylines that I think it's irreparable.


Dr. Pauly said...

It had been in blow mode since the end of year 2 since they introduced the mexican chick who got flustered and made everyone's eyes bleed.

dueyv9 said...

I don't understand what's going on?!!?

Cory Albertson said...


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