Saturday, January 3, 2009

One Last Time For The Queen!

OK, normally I wouldn't do this, but I have to point something out to you:

You see that circled part? Do you? That's the maximum allowable entrants into the Bad Bankroll Management Tournament tomorrow at nine (password: busto). As you can see, there are only 892 spots left. Honestly, how can you take the chance that you will be left out of the party? Imagine it, all of us inside, swilling my cheap hooch and laughing as we sling chips hither and yon (mostly yon). You, outside, your filthy urchin nose pressed against the windowpane, the woolen hat the orphanage gave you the day they "retired" you onto the streets getting sodden in the rain, the hunger gnawing as your wide little Tiny Tim eyes well with tears.


So, don't miss out. The choice is clearly up to you.

It should also be mentioned that, every time you promote this tournament using the banner above or the one developed by the illustrious Jordan of High On Poker, a donkey fails to hit their 2 outer. It's provable.

Bad Bankroll Management Tournament
Sunday, Jan. 4, 2009
$50 + $5
Full Tilt Poker
password: busto

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