Friday, December 5, 2008

Flogging My Silly Bloggament 003

Wow, I almost forgot to do this. Once again, I'm hosting a $50 + 5 tournament on the first Sunday of the year. If all goes well, this will be a quarterly event, and thus the first of many, many chances to make a really stupid bankroll decision. I mean, seriously, unless you are rolled over a thousand dollars, why are you even thinking about this? It's just hard-earned profit flushed down the john, really, when you could make a much more +EV decision to grind 10 five-dollar SNG. Think of how much more fun THAT would be. Take your time thinking about it.

I'll wait.

OK, done?

Here's the next un-reason to play:

Somebody has to win. Maybe it will be you.

That's right, there is a 100% chance of somebody winning. Who knows? It might be you (Note: It won't be you, but it might be (it won't - but MAYBE (no))) that takes down the big money.

So sign on up and take your chances! For maximum bad bankroll management, sign up NOW and tie that money up for no good reason. Good? Good.

Bad Bankroll Management Tournament
Sunday, Jan. 4, 2009
$50 + $5
Full Tilt Poker
password: busto

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