Sunday, November 30, 2008

Get In Here For Some Of The Real Thing

You know how it is. You're playing a long tournament, and your mind is wandering. You have the latest South Park open (hilarious). Every so often, the poker cliet screen flickers to the front and you make a quick decision, based on increasingly limited information. Fold. Fold. Call, fold. Cartman. Do you know who is agressive at your table? Who is tight? What does it matter? You've been here before. If you get a nice size stack, you'll pay attention. But for some reason, you just haven't been getting that big stack lately . . .

That's right. You've lost focus.

I've been trying something lately. It's been helping. The results have been good, but results in MTT are deceptive. No, it's been helping my mindset. Perhaps it will help yours, as well. One can only hope, and, after all, I'm here to help.

I have the recipe for you now. Here's what you do.

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Mark said...


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