Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flogging My Silly Bloggament 001

OK, I'm going to do a weekly post about the Bad Bankroll-Management Tournament, a quarterly tournament I'm running with a buy-in that is simply irresponsible relative to the bankrolls of many of us (Example: Me). This is what is known in the "business" of "blogging" as "pimping the tournament", or "annyoing use of quotation marks."

Nothing can stop me. Once a week, I'll be posting an un-reason to play.

This week's reason: Noted poker pro Layne Flack will NOT, as far as I know, be playing. So come on out for absolutely no chance to pick up a pro bounty!

Two further notes:

1) Last week the tournament was advertised as being on January 3. That was a mistake. It is on January 4. Please update your PDAs and personal calendars immediately.

2) I don't know why Pauly's blog has become so popular. Honestly. So much about poker media is about glamorizing the lifestyle, promoting easy money, mind-reading cardsharps, the lights, the glitz, the Milwaukee's Best TV hand. And here's Pauly, giving us the bracing and unflinching reality. Never mind. I guess I see why Pauly's blog is so popular.

You've probably noticed it, but Pauly's been hitting it out of the park with some really pretty writing about some really ugly scenes. It's a merciless look at the luring lie that Vegas is, or really that any promise of something for nothing is. It's a nice reminder to me to keep poker a game and a mental exercise, never a lifestyle.

Take a look. Pauly takes a quarter and rubs the shiny silver off the ticket. There's nothing underneath.

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Astin said...

January 4th works much better. I'll totally reload for this. I'll even leave my buy-in in if I can't make it, because that would be the ultimate in bad bankroll management!

Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for the pimpage.

I'd play in your tournament, but alas, it's a travel day. Flying to either Australia or the Bahamas that day. Still waiting to fins out where!

Julius_Goat said...


Not playing is a very good decision. GL in Bahamastralia, look out for the "Lost" island.

1Queens Up1 said...

I see you have enlisted the help of super famous mega-villain "The Joker" to help you spread the word about this tournament.

2 part question for you Goat:

1) Is this a wise move as it may alienate citizens from Gotham City who might have been otherwise involved in this tournament?

2) Do to ridiculous movie tie-ins, will I get my pizza in 30 minutes or less on that night?

Thank you in advance for your quick response.

Julius_Goat said...

1) Gotham City needs a better class of donkey.

2) If you are foolish enough to play this bankroll-draining tournament, a Yeti will come to your house and eat your pizza before you even get to take a bite.