Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Indexing The November Nine

Dr. Pauly is a kind man and is kind to vagrants, abandoned puppies, and other pathetic creatures like poker bloggers. And so, today, Pauly linked me up. I believe the occasion was something about my bios of all my good friends in the November Nine from last month. And here's my blog in such a sorry state! Laundry on the furniture. Cat puke in the carpet. And none of my entries tagged in like forever. So if you followed the Good Doctor's linkage, the least I can do is send you on your way. Here are the November Nine:

Dennis Phillips
Craig Marquis
Ylon Schwartz
Scott Flea-market
Darus Suharto
"David" Chino "Rheem"
Ivan Demidov
Kelly Kim
Peter Eastgate

Remember, every last bit of this is absolutely true unless you are a libel attorney.

Oh, speaking of Dr. Pauly: Did you know that if you play Saturdays With Dr. Pauly this weekend, you might just win entry into the PokerStars Sunday Millions? That is 100% true, even if you are a lawyer with litigation in your heart and slander on your mind.

Check it out. That's one sweet pot.

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