Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week 1

So far, I'm loving my break from the tables. Maybe that'll change, and I'll be watching envious in my civvies from the sideline when BBT4 eventually and inevitably rumbles through town, but for now? Gravy. Grindage is fine, but even a fertile field needs to lie fallow for a little while. And, if you've seen my game, you realize that my field wasn't all that fertile.

This week has been all about the gear-up. I'm perusing my first draft. I'm working on a plot synopsis. As a warm-up, I've written 2,000 words of a short story called "Running It Twice." It was going to be my BBT3 story until I realized there was no way I could be gone around now (and congrats to Tuscaloosa John for taking the prize). Now it's just my story, and who knows what I'll do with it. I like how it's come out so far, and I know where it's going. I'll finish it sometime soon, maybe tonight.

Donkavatar has kind of slowed, by which I mean it's totally dead. I'll give it some heavy plugging when the blogger tournaments get over their BBT hangover. But, if you want a custom avatar, and you are a donkey, go to Donkavatar!

I've updated the blogroll. If I comment on your blog or you comment on mine, or we've played a blogger tourny before, or if you just think I've forgotten you, hit me in the comments and I'll correct it forthwith.

More when there's more. Good luck to all our comrades in the Main Event!

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