Friday, May 9, 2008

LOST 019: The Dali Lockema


Homina, homina, homina.

Wow. It keep getting better, doesn't it? Remember about a year ago when the question was which is better, "Heroes" or "Lost"?

Lost won.

OK, I have no time. Let's dive into the greatness.

1) Keamy is bad ass enough to want to go BACK to the island where Ben controls the smoke monster. This would be very impressive if the smoke monster had killed more than ONE of them, but whatever. In this episode, Keamy really lets his psycho flag fly, slitting an MD's throat like it ain't no thang, shooting the poor captain of the ship (who flipped when he discovered the true nature of his boat's mission), crushing Michael's leg and totally intending to shoot the traitorous semi-immortal in the head, and then strapping on the old personal explosive device before choppering back to the island with whoop-ass jammed between every one of his enormous capped teeth.

Wow. I didn't like Keamy much before, but this actor is truly selling the scary.

And by the way, did you notice?

2) Keamy goes to get the double-secret protocol and flashes a little Dharma. That was a D.I. logo on that folder, and it pretty much seals the deal on the Widmore = Dharma / Mittelos = Ben dialectic.

But . . . who is Abbadan with?

We see him in Episode Two this season setting Naomi up with her crew: Frank, Charlotte, Miles, and Scittery Scruff. So he's Dharma, right?

Well. That's what I thought, right up until we see Abbadanorderly placing the very strong (hypnotic?) and specific suggestion to Locke that he go on a Walkabout in Australia. With nothing but his wits. And a knife. Remember that knife. But for now remember that Abbadan seems to be operating on the same playing field and with the same purpose as Richard Alpert. Of Mittelos.

Let's meditate on the purpose of the Freighter Four to the mission. Why them first? Why not just send Keamy right off the bat? Other than turning off the gas, what have these jokers accomplished? Are they perhaps the fly in the ointment? The monkey in the wrench? The Shaquille in the Phoenix? Abbadan mentioned to Naomi that only she had experience with this type of mission. If "this type" meant "whomping on everything in true bad-ass style", well . . . Keamy has that covered. Perhaps . . . undercover ops? Does Ben have people on that boat that don't even know they're there to help Ben? Anyway, there's more going on with that early season scene, and with Abbadan, than we once thought.

Speaking of episodes that now hold a greater meaning . . .

3) Cabin. Christian. Claire. What? First, that fourth episode of the series, "White Rabbit", which initially seemed like such an abandoned throwaway, is really starting to loom large, innit?

Christian's supposed 'ghost' leads Jack to the caves, to the water . . . and to a skeletal couple embracing each other. Jack searched them and found a white stone and a black stone. As far as we know, he still has them.

Now Christian is back and has made contact with his daughter. He's hanging in the cabin and speaking on Jacob's behalf. What exactly was Christian up to with Jack way back there? What was he trying to show him?

The stones? I think it's a direct reference to this. With the name "Christian", the references to Adam and Eve, the resurrection implied by the empty coffin, and the reference to ancient Jewish divination tools, that's a whole lot of Biblical reference in one episode.

I don't know what it adds up to yet. I have no clue. But Christian just vaulted, Ben-like, from minor character to one of the most important characters.

Also, Claire's way too calm and her smile is far too knowing. Either she's known a LOT more than she's let on all this time, or she's drugged or hypnotized in some way. Or, maybe, she's a ghost like her daddy. Perhaps she died in that explosion. In any event, there needs to be some sort of explanation. Claire leaving Aaron after 3.9 seasons of "Moi BAY-BEE!" characterization needs to be resolved.

4) Richard Alpert outta nowhere! YEAH! So . . . Locke has been chosen. And it's strongly implied that Ben had been chosen before Locke, that Locke is now the heir to Ben mantle. Or was Ben the interloper? Mittelos and Alpert have been trying to get Locke on-island for a very long time. Five year old John Locke would have been performing his little Kundun choose-the-Dail-Llama style object test right around the time of Ben's birth (my lovely wife points out that Ben and Locke were both born prematurely -- more linkage, and nice one, honey!).

So. Locke the chosen of Jacob. Of the island? Of . . . whom? And what?

Before him, Ben. And before him?

I think ageless Richard.

"Remember when we used to celebrate birthdays?" Ben asked Richard around this time last season. At the time I thought that 'we' referred to all the Others, but now I'm wondering if that isn't a reference to just the two of them.

"Being the chosen one has a price," Ben told Locke last night. Perhaps that price includes all that goes with immortality. And perhaps the price is different for different people. My take on Kiddie Locke's "failed" test was not that he had picked wrong, but that he had picked right, and that Alpert was simply freaked out by what those choices meant.

In other words, the test was not to determine whether or not Locke was a chosen one. Remember, Mittelos keeps pursing him. The question is this: what KIND of Chosen One is he? Think of the objects as Tarot cards. Locke's reading was just fine, but he had the knife rising in the sphere of the pebble-jar, and that meant a hasty retreat for Michael Alpert.

I'm guessing that Locke has entered into a dynasty whose previous links were Ben and Richard, and whose anchor is Jacob. Voice of the island, perhaps, or the living embodiment of it. Why Richard stepped aside or was forced aside is anybody's guess. But these three are linked, I think, in some fundamental way. Perhaps the island could have chosen certain children of a generation, and Locke was to be the one. Then something stopped that, and Ben stepped in. Or perhaps Locke was one of the 'nominees', so to speak, of the Mittelos faction (represented by Alpert and perhaps Abbadan), and Ben was one of the 'nominees' of the Dharma faction (represented by Widmore). Remember, Ben came to the island through Dharma. Only thing is, Ben flipped.

Was Christian in this chain? Is Jack a "chosen one"? Who was to be the next link?

Can I get a "Walt" from the congregation?

Whoever has been moving behind the scenes in Locke's life and Ben's, be it Abbadan or Alpert or Mittelos or Dharma, orchestrated the crash of Oceanic 815. It might be more accurate to say that they orchestrated who was ON the crash of Oceanic 815. Perhaps one faction arranged for Locke to be on that plane, while another made sure Walt was on it.

5) Move the island to save it, you say? I'll call right now that this 'moving' of the island is through time, not space.

Join us next time when we hear Desmond say:

"Aye, but I wish I'd hadn'a stayed on this ship, brotha."



HighOnPoker said...

It's time for my weekly 2 cents.

1st, I think Abbadan may also be ageless/timeless. They didn't do anything to alter his appearance from post-fall, cripple Locke to future Hurley.

2nd, Claire is dead. That's what she meant when she (or was it Christian) said that she was with Christian now. We know he is dead. He had a coffin and everything. That would also explain here eerie calm and acceptance of losing Aaron. She is at peace.

Dude, you are so right about the absurdity of the smoke monster's lack of damage. I mean, come on! One dude!

How about the time anomalies? The people on the island find the dead doctor before he is dead off-island. So, that probably means that the island is moving faster in time (1 mo. on the island may be a lot less in the real world, which would suggest that when they leave the island, not much 'real world' time will have past). This one is tricky. Especially since the radio morse code seemed to travel from island to real world in real time. It may have to do with the angle that the floating body hit the island (i.e., not on the exact trajectory). It might mean that radio waves pass through the time anomoly undisturbed.

Dude, you are so right. Lost > Heroes.

KajaPoker said...

I loved the kid Locke drawing of the smoke monster.... And I still think the smoke monster killed the whole team, they just don't know it yet.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

There is no way Ben is giving up "leadership" of the Others to Locke. Some more shit is still gonna hit the fan with that before all is said and done.

Great writeup as always. If Claire is really dead though, then that is the gheyest thing ever since Sawyer and Hurley and them had multiple conversations with her after the blowup.