Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Linking & Announcements

OK, so I'm not putting up a Lost post until at least tonight. There's a lot to cover, and I'm going to give it what it's worth. Not only that, but I have a couple stories to write before the upcoming Thursday deadline. So . . . Saturday, my friends. Maybe Friday.

In the meantime, here's some linkage that is in some spots overdue.

1) Fiction blog? Not mine (not yet anyway, heh heh heh). Here's a new one from a buddy of mine who's my sounding board in all things writerly. You also have him to thank for the existence of Lost posts. Go, read him. Walk on the wild side.

Chew With Your Mouth Closed, Please

2) World Series. Can't imagine I have readers that don't know about the below-listed, but I'll do my bit. If you want what's happening at WSOP, here's some of the best best best.

Tao of Poker
Short Stacked Shamus

If I missed you, let me know. I add! For you I make free!

3) My Other Blogs. Donkavatar is still slamming. A ton of fun seeing new faces on the old names. Don't delay, ask for yours today! My customers will testify that I'm quick if not skilled!

Filmchaw will be back to posting 1-2 reviews a week. What are you waiting for already? You know you like purple prose on obscure movies.

4) Upcoming Blogger Tournaments.

Donkament tonight. 9:00. Password is 'donkarama'. $1 rebuy, it's the grossest thing ever. Only way you could make it more fun would be to make it PLO.

Big Game on Sunday. Token up, this one could be a barn burner. Password is 'donkey.' End of the BBT3 and my last hope. For my part, I plan to win it.

5) Blogroll.

I'm updating the blogroll in the next few weeks. Got a blog? Post regularly? Hit me in the comments and I'll get you set.



Shrike said...

It doesn't seem as if I'm in your blogroll ...

katitude said...

oooo...thanks for the idea. I wonder if FT can do a $1 NL08 rebuy.

CEMfromMD said...

I wouldnt mind getting myself in your blogroll either

OhCaptain said...

Jesus Kat! Make it a turbo and we can really feel like we are playing 4 card multiway bingo!

We could just start randomly shipping money to people in our blogrolls. When the music stops playing we check the bankroll and see whose got the most transfers.

I wouldn't mind staying in the blogroll.

Poker Brian said...

throw me in there JG, thanks!

Customer Testimonial: JG said his avatars are great and you will enjoy them or your money refunded 110%!

Instant Tragedy said...



RaisingCayne said...

I'd dig a spot on the blogroll.

And I LOVE the idea of the occassional donkarama being a different game! Excited to see Kat's interest in the idea!

I have been considering submitting a request for a donkatar of my own, as I dig the stuff you & Bayne have put together for people so far... but, the standard smiling donkey is already so fitting for me, so I don't know. Maybe I can find an even more accurate donkey image somewhere.

And I've enjoyed your reviews on the filmchaw blog, albeit haven't seen any of the flicks reviewed (beyond the Coen bros. movies of course.)

Shomer f***ing shabbos!

Gadzooks64 said...

Oooh, Blogroll please.


lj said...

bah. no lost update? :-) i've been waiting all day!!

PokahDave said...

I don't see my blog on ze me please......

Scott said...

Just started reading have had a blod for about 2 years can you add me to your blog roll