Friday, April 18, 2008

Viva La BBT3!

I want to carve out a little space here to say something that isn't being said a whole lot, but that I think represents the feelings of a lot of bloggers out there.

I'm having a rocking good time with the BBT3. A rocking good time.

Love the prizes. Love the overlay. Love the spirit of competition. Love the friends I'm making -- yep, that's right, I'm making friends during this thing. Love always having somebody in the chatty box to chatty with. Love the fact that I will probably have a rail if I'm going deep.

Love the fresh blood. Love seeing some old school people joining back in, including sitting next to CJ at the MATH this week. Love the new mix between the two. I love how quickly I was included in this thing, just for writing my drivel.

I love the encouragement I've received. You've improved my game and brought my love of writing back alive. All of you. Thank you, I love that.

Love the rail. Love getting a "BOOOOM" from Donkette when I've made a big hand. Love Donkette's "BOOOOM" when somebody else she likes (and I think she likes everybody) hits a hand against me.

Love it when Daddy's at my table.

Love the points system. Love the money I've won. Love the large fields. Love learning about true big stack aggro poker from Lucko and his friends.

Love the good play. Love the donkey play. Live the weak tights. Love the LAGs. Love the TAGs.

Love the kinder friendly Waffles. Love the other Waffles. Love pancakes. Love BDR. Hate when they play ABBA. Still love BDR.

Love that a pro is playing. Love that he just couldn't lose with his crap.

Love all the congratulations to Fuel on his newborn kid. Love all the ball busting that was going on at the same time. Love it when Fuel calls me a donkey. Love it.

Love the Bodonkey, and Smokkee for making it happen. Hate that it's on a night I'll never play. Move it!

Love the MATH. Love the Skill. Love the Mookie. Love Riverchasers. Really REALLY Love the Big Game. Love the Donkament so much I can't sit still thinking about it. It's not BBT, but if it was, it would be epic. Conan the Barbarian epic.

I love Al for making all this happen.

Thank you, Al. Thank you, thank you.

Now, let me carve out just a little more space, and then I'll have room to breathe.

I don't care one bit about the recent heads-up deals. You might. I just don't care. In fact, I don't understand the fracas.

I'll wade in one more time. I'm slow.

I think it does matter who asked for the chop first. Why?

Well, because nobody is disputing that it is a good deal that Hoy and Scott took. The seat is worth about $530. It's part of the prize pool. It's not a seat. And it isn't honor. And it isn't love. And it won't bring your dead pets back to life. Here's what it is: It's money crafted to look like a seat. Simple.

The issue seems to be one of honor, not of money.

But in both cases, it was not the person who got the seat who brought up the deal. In other words, the person who got the seat was ready and willing to pay for the seat. The other person was not interested in the seat, for whatever reason.

I think Smokkee nailed it (even though he's not of the same mind as me). Those of us who have taken 2nd (I am one) and didn't get a chop offer just didn't get lucky enough. You do have to have some luck to win most heads up battles, you know. And there are lots of different ways to win, but all of them involve knowing when you're being laid good odds at a good price.

When I was heads up in the Big Game, I was fully playing to win and thought I had the best chance to win. I held the chiplead when HU started, and I personally thought I was the better player (no offense, Big Mike). However, I fell behind, and then I got slightly, debatably, coolered. But my opponent played a great game. Frankly, I underestimated his game when heads-up started. GG him.

BUT. If I had been offered a chop that includes the seat, I would have taken it in a heartbeat, even with my chiplead, and even though I fully intended to win and expected to win.

Why? Simple math. Same reason I'd have called an all in with 21 outs coming twice even though my hand wasn't made. Take the good deal and finish it.

Or perhaps this is seen as a choice between the spirit of friendship versus the mercenary spirit. Again, I'm not feeling it.

Scott and Hoy didn't just buy their seats. They didn't walk up to somebody who had a seat and throw money at them to swap places. They bought in to the tournament, just like everybody else. They played hard. They got HU. Dozens of others failed to do so. Then somebody offered them a great deal, and they took it. Basically it's a 'good beat'. They didn't seek it, but it came to them. Lucky them.

Back to the Big Game.

When I went out in 2nd, I held 2 pair and BigMike held a straight. I was dead to five outs, and they didn't come. If they HAD come, I would have had all but a few hundred chips, and I sure enough would have taken the win, even though I was the donkey. Happily.

Would that have been dishonorable? Would that have killed the spirit of the games? Should I have dumped back to BigMike in that case, because that's not the 'right way' to win? What on earth are we talking about?

How is a friendly and mutually-agreed-upon deal between the only two people remaining in a tournament in opposition to the spirit of a friendly game between friendly people?

Honestly? I'm not mad here. This whole thing is really baffling to me. Some will say that I don't get it.

They're right. I don't get it.

But I still love you.


BWoP said...

Nicely put . . .

Then again, I love your writing :-)

lucko said...

The BBT is awesome. I blame Al.

STeelerJosh said...

Amen Goat.

Apparently, The Goat Speaks for a lot of us.

OhCaptain said...

Well said sir.

But I'd like it stated for the record: If we are heads up in a big tournament and you suck out on me, I would greatly appreciate you dumping the chips back to me while gravelling about the suck out. Its truly a noble gesture.

That is all.

lightning36 said...

This whole sunject, to me, is like debating religion. The whole concept of blogger tournaments means different things to different people. Our beliefs are shaded by our experiences and our expectations.

I was heads up against lucko after he had already won a TOC seat. He did not offer a chop, and I was in no way going to suggest one. But if he offered?

My gut feeling is that I would have declined, out of both ego and a sense of fairness. Since the final event is the "Tournament of Champions," I think that means that you have to earn the right to be there.

Ahh -- I need to stop here and write in my blog. It might actually be worth reading today ...

Riggstad said...

and I love you Goat!