Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bits of Tid

My Guys (Almost) Pwn

First of all, big ups to my good friend dtaylo04, who waded through the minefield for his very first blogger event ever. He won more flips than Mary Lou Retton but rarely got his money in behind until he busted Waffles with the JackAce. Waffles held AQ in the big blind and the money went in preflop. But, much like fire in a friendly game of paper/rock/scissors, nothing beats the JackAce in the Mookie.

Waffles go home now. He also wrote a rant free post. Disappointing, or a sign of progress? I'll let you be the judge.

DT got coolered on a 449A board holding A9. Pirate Lawyer, who played solid the whole way and was holding what the French call le big-staque, had 64 and that was it. Dtaylo, you should have raised that A9 three way, not limped. Lesson learned, yes?

Good game, Pirate Lawyer, and congrats.

Anyway, DT started a blog. He seems to know instinctively that blogs r ghey, because he made it . . . pink? Whatever, dude. That's cool with me . . .

Anyway, go welcome DT! He may be in the Big Game on Sunday! He's EXTREMELY LUCKY and also a good player. Fear him.

Please Contribute To Save The Majestic Silverbacked Poker Blogger

In other news, some of our best bloggers are being endangered. Maybe? Kat's away for a while following cryptic post #1, Al's definitely gone missing for a time after cryptic post #2 (yes, I know now what happened to Al. That really sucks.), Bobby Bracelet's blog now gives us cryptic login / password page #1, and Daddy wrote his second SnailTrax obit.

If you're asking me if it's time to panic and start screaming and running to the hills, I'd say yes.

Booo-urns to all of it, and I hope y'all are well.

OK, well at least Kat is all right. And Iggy's posting about poker again. Maybe it's going to be OK.

I Got A Biscuit In My Basket

And 40% of a novel on my computer. I'll have a longer post on this in a couple months, but suffice it to say it has become abundantly clear to me that it is time to stop screwing around and make this book happen.

Then Fuel (who I think will kill me if I don't start writing fiction soon) sent me this great talk from JJ Abrams, about story and mystery, as well as the effect of rapidly expanding and accessible technology on an artist's ability to reach their audience.

Let's just say it got me thinking of the possibilities available for delivering a novel into the world. There are options available now that never were before, and others coming online by the second. In fact, here comes one . . . now.

Finally, because I am a benevolant and kind ruler, I give all of you a recap of LOST thus far:

I'm Julius_Goat, and I improved this message.


Shrike said...

Entertaining post as always, and thanks for the props.

Your pal seems to have talent for the game. Now he needs to learn not to go broke in a limped pot . . .

Fuel55 said...