Monday, February 25, 2008


Well, first of all, Michael Craig (of Michael Craig Month fame) won the Sunday Night Horse for just under ten grand.

Congratulations, Michael!

ETA: Michael also took 3rd in the Brawl for $36K! Grand total of $45,000 in one night. Do you see what happens for you when you are being honored by The Goat Speaks? Eh? Eh?

Seriously, Michael C. Holy cow. We'll just call you butter, because you're on a roll.

I thought I'd already done this ETA before now, but I guess I forgot. Thanks for the reminder, Bayne.

But also, in a totally free pimp . . .

Hoy won the Fifty Fifty. For just under eleven grand.

Go tell Fiddy how proud you are of him.

It should also be mentioned that I totally won the $5.50 one table SNG I played last night. I mean, I just destroyed.


OhCaptain said...

Congrats on the SNG crushing! Totally awesome!

Not to sound too braggy myself, but I did take 3rd in a $2 9 person sng last night as well. I'll clear $1.35 when all is said and done. Man I love making money playing poker!

bayne_s said...

You think Michael is a little prouder of his 3rd in Sunday Brawl?

That was $36k