Friday, February 29, 2008

Michael Craig Three Weeks Finale

Well, it's been a fun three weeks, and I think Michael Craig has gotten a decent value from this little experiment. By this I mean that I am taking full credit for his 46 grand in cashes last week. (I'm also taking credit for Hoy's 50/50 success, as I was IMing primarily with both him and Michael Craig last weekend, and thus I believe my IM skills to be magically lucky. Call me for rates).

Meanwhile, I think somebody else may have taken me up on my offer to pimp them for bucks. I've received an offer, it's really low, and just to prove how cheap I am, I am planning on taking in. Stay tuned . . .

ANYway . . . I've been tooting Mr. Craig's horn in almost every post since my spectacular two-minute flame-out in the FTOPS, as was our arrangement (I left him out of my political post, because that sort of thing can be the stuff you may or may not want your name on), but the fact of the matter is I do mean it when I say I think he's a very good writer, and his blog is very much worth your time. Not only that, but he pretty much caught my every pop-culture reference, no matter how obscure, and given the way I go on and on, that is pretty rare. Finally, given that he won two MTT outright (the Hundo was the other) and made a DEEP run in another during this three weeks, I think we need to admit the guy knows a thing or two about poker.

So, a hoist of the glass in honor of Mr. Craig, a gentleman and a scholar, and somebody who would arrange a FTOPS seat for a class clown like myself!

Buy his fine book, Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King, here.

Buy his excellent strategy guide, The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition, here.

Find out about a documentary photographer also named "Michael Craig", here.

Craig's List is right here, and has nothing to do with Michael Craig.

The LOST post will be up late tonight I think. There's something a little different I want to do that will require a little research to get the voice just right.

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