Friday, February 29, 2008

LOST 012: Desmondhouse-Five


Listen. Desmond Hume has come unstuck in time. Sometimes he's in the army, and sometimes he's on a helicopter with his buddy Sayid. This is a blog post about it, written by me.

It begins like this:

"Listen. Desmond Hume has come unstuck in time."

And it ends like this:


First there was a helicopter, and then there was Scottish Full Metal Jacket. Desmond was playing the part of Private Pyle. Then there was a boat. So, there's actually a boat. We had been told there was a boat, but then we'd been told a lot of things. Desmond left the boat on Daniel Fairaday's instructions and went to visit Daniel Backintheday in Oxford.

Desmond told Daniel to set the flux capacitor to 1.21 jiggawatts, and Daniel said, "Tell me another one Future Boy! Who's governor of California in 2004?"

"Arnold Schwartzenegger," said Desmond and Daniel just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Finally Desmond let Daniel know that he, Desmond, knew about Daniel's relationship with his little pet mouse. This made Daniel believe. We all have somthing that would make us believe.

Then the pet mouse died. So it goes.

Later Desmond taught the people of 2004 to rock by playing Johnny Be Good for them. Then he was back in the freighter, where Minkowski was. Minkowski had come unstuck in time, and kept drifting back to the set of Short Circuit 2.

Minkowski took Desmond and Sayid to the radio room. The radio was dead; all of its wires looked like red and blue and white spaghetti. So it goes.

Then Minkowski died. So it goes.

Sayid fixed the radio, and this is what it said:


OK, for those of you who did not get that, all apologies, but I just had to do it with Desmond going all Billy Pilgrim on us. Also . . . we didn't get a whole lot of new questions to ask, in my opinion. This didn't make it a bad episode, really, it's just that there weren't a ton of surprises.

Penny's looking for Desmond. We knew that. She has a constant call out for him. Knew that. There's a time anomoly surrounding the island. Yep. Desmond is given to time-jumping. Check. The boat's mission seems to not be rescue-oriented, to put it mildly. We know. There's somebody on the boat who isn't working for the boaties. Uh huh.

What's my point? My point is that this episode is a pretty effective answer to those who think that Lost isn't giving us answers, and isn't driving to anyplace specific. The thing about Lost is not that it never gives answers; it's how it gives answers. The fact is that the show actually has told us a LOT. It's just that it hasn't told us in the way we're used to being told. It's fiberous; we have to chew on it. And it doesn't always give us answers as it gives deeper and better questions to ask. That's why we love it. (I'm assuming here, but if you don't love it what are you doing reading this?)

So, we aren't surprised because the show is following the path dictated by its own internal logic. The the questions raised this week are ones that will become clear in short order, I think.

Who's the captain? The show made a point of mentioning the captain but not showing him to us. Instead we just got Insincere Grin #1 and Insincere Grin #2, both of whom made it clear that A) there is indeed a heirarchy on the boat, and the people sent to the island seem to be on the bottom of it; B) the crew of the boat is well aware the Oceanic flight had survivors, and C) they have no interest in bringing them on board. Anyway, I'm guessing the captain will be a familar face. Beyond that . . . no idea.

Who's Ben's man on the boat? Nominees include Fairaday (certainly seems helpful) and Miles (3.2 million may well be code), but then we have some 'non-Ben's-man-on-the-boat' who left the door unlocked. Also, Lapidus the pilot. Also . . . Michael. That seems to be the most popular guess. We shall see. Lost-followers more eagle-eyed than I noticed that Ben sent Michael on a slightly different trajectory than Daniel sent Lapidus. Michael's definitely on Ben's errand, whatever that is.

Desmond's exposure to electromagnatism caused the freak-out. Who else? Locke, for one. He was at ground zero. What might happen to Locke if he leaves the island?

The main event, though, was tucked away in the corner. How very Lost. I'm referring, of course, to the auction that Desmond stumbles into, as Penelope's dad is bidding on . . . the journal of the captian of the Black Rock. Whose last name is Hanso.


The Black Rock! Hanso! The journal! This is BIG.

Let me sum up.

We are obviously dealing with more than one powerful entity that is aware of this place, and who have been manipulating events both on and off the island to bring these people here. Here's the list, as I see it:

- Mittelos: This is Ben's group, what we used to call "The Others". Heavily resourced, with a direct path to the island. Affliated with "The Hostiles", aka the group of people who were on the island before Dharma, and who purged them out with Ben's help.

- Hanso Corporation: They've been on the island, obviously, as part of Dharma. Not so much these days. Dr. Marvin Candle and that guy from the training films who looks like Peter Jackson are on this crew.

- Widmore Corp: Almost certainly the group that sent the boat. Afflilates include Abbadan, Penny's dad (of course), and probably Sun's dad. Given that the boaties knew that the Oceanic survivers were on the island, they logically know that the plane at the bottom of the ocean is a fake. Which means that this is the organization behind the cover up. Also, probably the organization behind the crash in the first place.

- The Keepers: This is just a name I made up for them. They are represented by the monk that leads Desmond's brotherhood, and that freaky lady that he met in his flashback to London episode in Season 3. These people seem to be on the side of the good, and they know a lot about how time works.

Now . . . Widmore was after Hanso's book. We now know that Hanso Corp. first got their foothold on the island when the slave ship the Black Rock crashed into the island. Widmore is after the book, probably to figure out how to find the island himself. Thus, Widmore and Hanso are unaffiliated.

The hostiles/Mittelos may well be the remainder of the Black Rock crew and slaves. They are almost certainly unaffiliated with Widmore, and are obviously unaffiliated with Dharma . . . you know, because of all of the killing. They may be affiliated with the Keepers. Who else? Claire's psychic? Libby? She gave Desmond the boat, after all . . .

I think Oceanic 815 may have been Widmore Corp's attempt to plant a mole on the island. I think Desmond may have been the Keeper's attempt to do the same. So who might the Widmore Mole be?

How about Christian Shepherd? Perhaps he's not as dead as we all thought. Jack certainly thinks he is alive in the first flash forward, remember.

Don't be surprised if Christian Shepherd is our surprise sixth member of the Oceanic Six.

Side Notes:

* Buh-bye Minkowski, we barely knew you.

* Daniel obviously an early researcher in time travel. Radiation for the head, but none for the heart. So much for the old short-term memory.

Join us next time when Hurley says:

"Po too wheet?"



Mike Maloney said...

I've had a sneaking suspicion in the back of my head as well that Christian is the sixth member; certainly wouldn't surprise me. The guy was only dead, after all.

BigPirate said...

It's a late comment, but nice post!