Monday, January 29, 2007

Donking At the Hoy

The good news: I cashed. Yes, the Goat's on the money board.

The bad news: I came in third, and it should have been higher. It's my own fault. Absolutely no complaints, just recriminations. I slow-played my Aces for the first time I can remember, and received a beautiful lesson in exactly why that's a bad idea, courtesy of Fuel. Um, thanks, Fuel.

Sweet Georgia Brown, that was dumb.

Fuel also berated my play earlier, but I think that's just a badge of honor. Also, I think I made a decent play in that particular instance. Debatable, but decent. Half decent? Decentish? Anyway, recap pending. Read if you care.

Thanks to all for a great game, and thanks Hoyazo for hosting.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Goat, if you don't mind I'd be interested to hear about the play you made that Fuel berated (that word choice is probably being kind, I know how it is) but that you think was a good play. Can you post it here and let us decide?

Goat said...

You bet. Actually, I'm planning on doing a tourny recap (which takes a while), so maybe I'll just do the hand itself.

I should clarify a few things, though:

1) It really was a marginal play. Based on a correct read, yes, but still marginal. I am not expecting to be praised for this play. Technically, by the book, it was not a good call. But I had my reasons, and I'll stick to 'em.

2) Fuel actually didn't really berate me in full Fuel-style.

Sadly, I neglected to screen capture the hand Hoy-style, but I guess that saves me paying you royalties.

Fuel55 said...

berate: (verb) censure severely or angrily.

I am never angry. Frustrated maybe, but never angry.

Good game last night. The AA hand was a big gamble and it went against you. Not a good way to end a decent session.

PS Looking forward to "the hand". Hoy is desperate to rant on my ass!

Goat said...

Nary a 'berate' from fuel, nay!

Fuel merely chides. He rebukes at times, at others he reproves. Some have heard him admonish.

In all seriousness, fuel, you're a talented player and you know it. It has been amusing to watch you rock the chatbox the last 3 Mondays.

I'll get 'THE HAND' (wow is it growing in legend for a dumb draw) up and rolling in the next couple days.

Chipper said...

Grats for moneying last night. Fuel got the best of me with my badly timed push when I was short stacked. GL and hope to see you at the next one. (pokerdwarf)